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  • 9am should be good and not too crowded.
    from past experience in that area, some of the bigger teams have gone out and marked pit areas the night before in the main area. But even so, there will be more than enough space to set up a pit - at 9 it will be mainly bike guys setting up, BFG, and some of the big teams.
    Big access. No problem. The course crosses highway 3 at I think KM 179 road marking. A couple of miles west of there, you will see the access and pits set up. This is the main pit area in Borrego.
    good access road. BFG and others get their semis in there too no problem. Visible from Highway 3.

    The Mexicali crowd comes down to that area, and it can get a bit crowded, so mark your spot.
    I really need some extra guys at my pit when the TT's and Class 1's come through. Can you guys be at my pit?
    thats pretty much what i have figured. Hell last year when comeing back from the CODE race I ahd lost my wallet with my ID. I only had a birth certificate left. Tehy asked my buddy how long he had known me and what my dads name was then sent us on our way. Its pretty easy to tell I am american. I told the guy I will tell him my address, bank acount number, and the mayor of my city...LOL ...if that didnt work I was running and getting arrested, no way am I staying in mexico!
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