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  • Ata boy Kevin, keep it coming. Are you racin adra this year or just the short course? Truck looks good.
    jajaja.... You know it's funny. I remember chatting with you on-line after the 2010 SNORE 250 in Pahrump and you specifically said you only had the footage you posted in your video. You also said you didn't hit my car and "ALWAYS" use your horn.... I got my copy of DP9 and low and behold there is your ** ¡Ay, caramba!****[IMG] ¡Ay, caramba!****[IMG] ¡Ay, caramba!****[IMG] ¡Ay, caramba!** box hitting the back of my car right on video. Must have forgot that one huh?? Karma my good man!!!
    Hey kevin just off top of my head I know where G&R keep there race/chase stuff do you do there fleet?? I could get you with ron if you want it?? call me Rich
    yeah check back late tonight or tomorrow.
    I only have about 3 thousand photos to organize, all should be up by tomorrow. under events.
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