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  • Hey B_DUB.. First let me say thanks for all the effort your putting forth in regards to Class 10 and the racers in general...

    Just wanted to drop a quick note.... WE, Adam and I have not contacted you in regards to the PRO 10.. stuff.. numbers or race schedule.... being new we are just going with the flow on races .... WE have no special agenda at this time.. Hope to make most of the HDRA races , a few MORE races and even some Snore races.. Whatever our budget can afford....

    As far as number, ya we want to keep 1088 and plan on running it at HDRA and MORE....Not that we have anymore right to it than the next guy....

    See you at the races.. Vince and Adam .. 1088
    Hey I had a guy contact me on facebook who works on ecotecs every day. He's from Vegas, & races with 41 racing in 7200 & 8. He wants to know if there is actually a need for an engine inspector @ the races, to insure that a motor is stock or not. He's going to come by the pit @ bwdc & bs a bit too. What do you think? I can get you his ## if you want.
    try wright gear box 951-372-0404 call me I can pick it up on my way out in the morning 714-403-4622
    It was 2 trucks not 3, and when you get Oakley fox and bfg to pay for all your racing, you'll be a stud too! Until then go back to your Internet racing status, for that's all you'll ever be fast at!(typing)
    Missed ya this weekend B-Dub. Talked to your boys and they told me your weren't allowed to come. Take care of yourself and hope to see you soon.
    After you get your car switched over to the ecotec, you need to look at coming to Texas to race. I just converted a 10 car to the ecotec. We have also started a new class: the Texas Ecotec class. See the new thread on RD Forum.

    You can see our webpage at www.TexasOff-Road.com. Where else can you race on an exotic game ranch and see buffalo, zebras, camels, elk, antelope, all kinds of African gazells, etc while racing in the USA? Call me at 512-751-3483 if you have any interest.

    "Is this guy for real or just done to many drugs." I think you're giving drugs way too much credit. This guy seems to have some major unresolved anger issues as part of his psychosis.

    He probably needs drugs and therapy.
    be safe down there this weekend chasing for the boys!!! bummed im not going but i cant leave town with a possible job coming.
    Wendy again, just a side to my Walt Messer hunt - don't panic, he isn't 'the daddy' for me or anything nasty like that, all the reasons for me hunting him down are nice, good and not money or paternity related - I promise!!!
    Hi B-Dub, hoping u can help me....
    I am hoping the Walt Messer you mentioned in the 'snore' thread is the one I'm looking for! I have been trying to locate a Walt Messer, last known of Kingman AZ. We met at Mojave Preserve CA a few years ago when his sons friend came off his quad and we had to take him to hospital (fool without a helmet got bust up fairly badly!) his son and friends are all quad nuts from in and around Laughlin NV.
    If this is the same Walt, could you put me in touch please, I know this isn't really what this site is for but hey, when needs must :)
    Thanks in advance, Wendy (Oh, and why do you get 'loyal' and I get 'lurker'? Although this is quite true I still feel a little hard done by!!!)
    as far as a point to point n Nevada goes would a Barstow to Vegas work? its been done n the past... also i think a N.Vegas to Caliente would b an awesome trip...
    Look Out Bill you might get addicted to RDC I know I am. I walked into BBQ Bills the other night and thought I was at a SNORE race saw Dave Campbell, Tony Farshler, Robbie Willis, Lucas, you were there to. Dave said it was a bachlor party. Looked like a hangover waiting to happen LOL :eek:
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