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    RPI racing 2013 season ((VIDEO))

    Very nice Kevin , Shelby and team. I'm proud to have you as a friend. Your a great example of family fun/team and doing this for enjoyment.
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    Thank You Dusty Times

    Yep this was the grass root family paper. Thanks Jean and John as well as the staff. As a kid I would get excited when DT or Off Road advertiser would show up in the mailbox and as an old man haha, I would still look forward to it. Everything in this sport is changing and I also am not sure its...
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    Napa Parker Pit Crew Challenge

    Dano you def. need to be the one doing the Mint pit crew challenge. Sign him up Matt. People say it needs to be changed up a little with non racers and a little comedy Dans your man!
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    The 2014 Mint 400 Contingency is going to be huge!

    Talked to my buddy today , money sent. If it helps them have the event then its worth it for sure. I was just asking only because all the other races if you give contingency to racers its usually just buy George a beer or give Casey a bottle of the worlds best Threadlocker see ya there.
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    The 2014 Mint 400 Contingency is going to be huge!

    Well you kind of are but that's ok. I will still support you when needed. I did not vote for Obama and I moved from So. Calif. 25 years ago to Az. because of the crap the Gov. does and charges there. I remember drag racing in the strawberry fields in Orange County and having a fire (legally) on...
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    The 2014 Mint 400 Contingency is going to be huge!

    So Matt/ Gurlie if we enter a WRP / TCS class 10 car we get a break on the contingency spot for showing (not selling ) our products.
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    The 2014 Mint 400 Contingency is going to be huge!

    Why is it $500 to display a product and help make the event big. I can see charging this if your actually there selling product to make money like shirts etc.(sorry Rory luv ya man) Can you walk around and hand out flyers of a product. Thanks and just asking.
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    SNORE Make a Wish

    Amen CJ. Mark we had the pleasure of giving kids rides that year also. I was a mess. Started crying and had to pull back in and let my son finish giving rides. These kids have courage and strength beyond belief. This child actually asked me why are you crying mister I am the one that's sick...
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    What type of music would you like to hear at The Mint 400?

    Anything but NURSERY RHYME RAP
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    2014 BITD Parker 425

    Yep only 37 class 10 and guess who started 37th The Dubs. Made it to like 8th at finish with Turbo driving the car his 1st time. Kind of cracks me up only 37. I remember when it was only 3 or 4 until the eco-tec and yet some people still hate the sealed eco-tec LOL.
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    Anderson Burgess Hardesty Baja 1000 Teaser Video

    To cool , Cheater in a class 1. Watch out CJ. Especially if he's wearing a speedo. I cant wait to join you guys in class 1 in the future. Turbo and Kyle will love it but I know I'll need a CV sponsor haha.
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    Anderson Burgess Hardesty Baja 1000 Teaser Video

    What a bummer Brian. We tried using other flywheel bolts ONE time. We broke them also. So we just use a Kennedy 6 puck , a 3 stage PP along with ARP bolts. Seems to work awesome.
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    Congrats to Pat Dean 2 Wins in a row!

    Man I did not know the Sign man won. Great job and he owns the buggy dork title in Laughlin. Great prep on the car Jay and crew
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    Merry Christmas Racers

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to my offroad friends. I was sitting this morning having a cup of coffee with my grand daughter on my lap. It made me realize how blessed I am. God is awesome truly. The shop with a cop highlights came on our local news. It made me think of Locations racing ...
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    2014 SADR Schedule

    I love camping at El Captains in El Golfo. Theresa and Alex are awesome. Its like the good ol Mexico. Riding on the beach. We had prob. 12 couples and our tab for 4 days foe camping , all the margs , beer , fish tacos, shrimp cocktails and burros we could eat and drink came to $77 each...