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    Adventure bikes

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    Adventure bikes

    My Africa Twin is a sweet bike, the automatic transmission is great for me. I have learned not to off road it by myself, dropped it and could not pick it up.
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    Chase truck thread

    Mark's where did you get you wheels? I want to convert our dualies to singles
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    Why isn’t there off road racing in…

    Pemitting the BLM would take time dedication and dollars not to mention the delays and setbacks that will be encountered. It would take a very dedicated individual to get it done.
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    Any Groups in and around phx

    Any groups in the east valley?
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    Baja 1000 Online Coverage

    And no weatherman feed?
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    Sonora Rally 2016

    Should I even try as a novice to rally but a lifetime of off roading, in a 2wd full size pre run truck?
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    Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno

    There is a great brewery and barbecue place in Tonopah don't know who owns it
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    Driving a Linked versus Leaf Spring Truck

    I am looking into linking my truck, what can I expect when I drive it, what driving techniques do I need to learn, etc? Also, there was some discussion about left foot braking on here a few weeks ago I cannot find. Any help appreciated.
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    Last Minute Mint Questions

    Thanks for the reply, no answer at Mad Media HQ yet. If I can't get a parking pass, any ideas on how to see any part of the race?
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    Last Minute Mint Questions

    I'll try - thanks for the help!
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    Last Minute Mint Questions

    I will be able to get to Vegas late Friday, will I be able to purchase a parking pass there or buy online and be able to pick it up after 5 PM Friday? Is there a map available showing where all the spectators are how close to Vegas are they? Thank you
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    The road to Dakar (RDC style)

    Your tracking is working ok, last update about 2 hours old
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    Frame fab work

    Lex Motorsports, on Juanita, on south side of Berge Ford. 480 338 5696. Quality work, great customer service, and they remember you when you come back.