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    Favorites for 2007 Baja 1000 ??

    No one has this pick yet, so I'll take Armin Schwarz and Martin C. for CL 1 and quite possibly the overall. Armin drove my car last year and handed it to me 2nd or 3rd overall outside bay of LA. ECU failure ended our day at RM 647. Good Luck all Bret
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    Hans Device/D-Cell device

    Absolutely should be a requirement. A D-cell is as important as a helmet and you can't get in our car without one. We had a large discussion on this way back around the release of all the forensic data on the Earnhardt crash. The combination of side to side and front to back protection makes...
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    ground clearance /sag on class 1

    We run 4" at full bump. We tried 1 " but had some pretty horrible results casing the car. With road crown getting bigger every race, 4" is probably a safe minimum. For the 1000 you might be able to drop it back down, but we are just going to leave it. FWIW Bret
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    class 1 rims for trailering

    Kartek actually has some steel VW pattern wheels I'm going to check those out
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    BTR Wheels

    Just ordered 4 thanks for the tip on the 199.00 price. Bret
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    class 1 rims for trailering

    Anybody have a source for some VW skinny rims so we can get our Class 1 car into the trailer. The wheels that are on it are about 5 " to wide to get through the door. Just need some cheapy 15" steel rims. Thanks in advance Bret
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    RG in Parker Testing the H3

    Follow the lemmings you can't go wrong.
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    Kincaid Racing Henderson Incar Video and Post Race Report

    Sounds like alot of brake issues. Have you determined a route cause? Glad you still got a finish. Good in car BTW. Bret
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    One Final Thought

    I just finished reading the Wrong Way Prerunning Thread, and was impressed by the passion of all who were involved. It is locked now so as too cool everyone off. I have been involved in two head on incidents. One on a bike and one in my prerunner. Both were walk aways "thank someone". The...
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    Robby Gordon Racing Wheels

    I found it ... Oh just lost it...
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    Dust to Glory Premier Party - April 8th - Monrovia

    Re: D2G Theaters looks like everyone should fly to New York for the premiere
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    Mezzanine arm rear suspension?

    It is a Nezzy arm, or at least thats what I've always called it on my blazer or a 5 / toggle link. I'll attach some pics on monday from my work computer as there aren't any here at home. Bret
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    new roll bar rule?

    Before you open your yap to comment on things it is important to understand what is being dicussed. Steve's truck in no way had any failure that applies to the roll cage issue. The roll cage issue applies to the drivers compartment area only between the A and B pillars. There have been no...
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    2 Job openings

    Our company has job openings in the CNC machine shop as an entry level operator and in Foundry operations as an expeditor/scheduler. Compensation varies with experience. We make several components for aftermarket off-road applications and we are building a new class 1 car which might need some...