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    Does anyone know who built this car

    Not a desert dynamics. DD has different style front and rear upper shock mounts. The front shocks on a DD are side by side, not in line. Also the trailing arms are not DD style. It looks like an alumi-craft to me.
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    On Topic golf karts!!!

    The comment that somebody made about being able to go and buy a UTV, bolt a couple of parts on and racing makes you a poser but building your own race car doesn't is just plain ridiculous. That would mean that basically every single TT, Spec TT, Class 1 and really every class all the way down to...
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    On Topic golf karts!!!

    I am really torn on the UTV debate. I have been involved in the desert scene for the past 22 years. I started out riding dirt bikes, which I'm sure is how most people started out. I raced MX tracks and local desert races in District 37, as well as the SCORE series on bikes. I moved into truck...
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    UTV Race Reports

    I like this idea. I like hearing about other peoples races. I also raced Round 2 of the DP4 series in Ridgecrest. I was running in the Production 1000 class. I ran a race last year with DP4 and tweaked my car pretty bad, so this was my first race back after fixing the car and making some...
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    Would you rather, Mint or ultra4 KOH?

    I raced the Mint and honestly was not that impressed. First off it is a pain in the ass for the racers just from a scheduling standpoint. Tech/contingency it is not convenient at all. Then the day of qualifying is poorly planned out. Seeing as most of the racers stay at Stateline, having the...
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    SCORE Stock Pro UTV

    The welded in intrusion bar at the door area for sure make it more of a dedicated race car, but also a lot safer. To my understanding, you are allowed to modify the suspension (springs and tuning) and still be within the rules. It just means that it has to maintain stock mounting locations for...
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    SCORE Stock Pro UTV

    I have a YXZ, so right off the bat I am at a huge disadvantage to the other cars as far as wheel base and wheel travel are concerned. But I picked that car knowing that I would have to work hard to overcome that disadvantage. In my eyes, having a manual with no belt was worth the loss in wheel...
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    B1k map please

    From the looks of it, they are running the Matomi and then cutting off halfway and running through part of the Azufre?
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    Are UTV’s faster than 10 cars

    I race in a trophy truck but I am also building a UTV to race as well. I personally have never driven a 10 car or an unlimited class UTV but I feel that what Matlock is saying is true. The UTV’s are getting faster and faster every race but I think a lot of times it is the course that dictates...