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  • WOW! Thats real close to where i stay in Needles when i'm on a layover. Would like to get car up here sometime and check out the different courses. Sounds like a blast! Whenever thinking of getting in some Barstow action, give me a heads up.
    Rick, I understand the funds thing, I hope the sponser works out! We are just doing what races we can afford here in the MORE series. Planning on July race in Barstow. Did some testing yesterday. Was nice to shake it up a bit, havent raced since March! Kinda feenin'!!!
    badger999, howz it? BC923 here. Just looking to meet more people in class 9. You racing the Freedom 250 MORE race in July?
    was wondering if you could help - newb here trying to place a new post about a rear axle i found to see if someone can help me id it - i cant figure out how to post my pics its asking for a url of my pic - i dont have one - lol - have you ever posted a pic in the forums - thanks for your time
    hello badger 99, newbe class 9 here. Question how or where do you purchase your stickers for your car number ?
    Hi Rick sorry it took me so long to get back to you I did not know you left me a message till yesterday. I have noticed for a while that you guys have my old car running very strong. I'm sure it will find its way back to the winners circle again soon. as far as my next race it will be the MINT 400. I am doing a lap in your car ,remember you said I for reels I wanted to do the battle of prim. my son started prepping the car and then stopped. The motor is ready so is the trans and everything is magged. now it just has to go back together. I am working seven days a week right now so I wont be putting it back together myself. . unless I find the right partner who has the time and know how to do the prep I will be sitting out for a while.. maybe after all the overtime is done at work maybe then I will get more ambitious.
    Hey wood ,we will definately see you @ the big show in may, if we don't run in to you before that ! glad to have you as a friend BADGER, OUT. RACE ON !!
    Always good to meet someone else on here. We will be at the March race with MORE. Are you racing?
    Hey, I sold my 9 car but I will be out there racing my 1600!! if you need any help out there let me know..
    thats to bad you can't be @ race , but good for business. i'll just have to give brandon hughs a tap instead, we will see you when we see you , RACE ON !!!
    Hey Rick. As much as I would love to bang nerf bars with you and my old car, It looks like I will have to skip the Midnight special. I just bought a new commercial Embroidery machine to ad to the embroidery wife's sign shop and it looks like I will be down in California for training on it. as far as the Snore 250 I believe I will be racing a friends Champ car so it looks like I wont be back in my car until the Battle of Primm. I'll see you there!! YES, to being friends!!
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