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    M4SX 2009 TrophyKart Champions

    All these kids are so talented!
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    Lake elsinore offroad series?

    Have heard from alot of Trophy Karts that are coming out.
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    Lake Elsinore Off Road Series

    We got some new sponsors for the rest of the series to announce very soon....... Also ORW is stepping up to sponsor the 1450 class.. Details soon.
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    Deegan at home in Perris

    Gonna be a good weekend.....
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    Let's get ready.....

    The track is looking great, they are preparing for everything...
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    Lake Elsinore Off Road Series

    Sorry late to post up here....
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    Connor Hart wins M4SX Rd 4 in HRT Pro Kart

    I saw that, he did an amazing job last night. The TK Elites are the best to watch everywhere we go... Those kids are studs....They are ALL so fast....
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    Granatelli Superlite Crash (Pictures)

    Here is a video clip of the crash....... YouTube - Granatelli Superlite crash clip from Lucas Oil Off Road Series Round 3
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    Granatelli Superlite Crash (Pictures)

    No problem drop me an email, Happy to send it over to you.. Tim
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    Granatelli Superlite Crash (Pictures)

    It was an insane crash I have it on video Looks insane in slow motion...
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    Its important we all get together to support all the rights of off roaders and americans in general all over... Protect your rights now!
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    Lake Elsinore Off Road Series

    The first round is this weekend...Right after the Lucas Oil Practice... Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park where it all started.... Big Air! New Track Built by Chad Mittag... Dates May 16th July 11th August 8th Sept. 5th October 3rd November 7th Plus one more date yet to be...