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    tacoma LT 4x4 info

    Im not so sure you will want those Baja t/a s once it starts snowing. With no siping they will be doing lots of spinning.
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    5 points vs 4points

    Is it common to not wear a cup when racing? It would seem like mandatory equipment to keep the boys safe.
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    Help with Toyota brakes please

    That valve is worthless. I just took the bar out that connects it to the axle. Dirt, street, I never have any problems. If you hit them hard enough you will damn near go through the window. A while back mine was also making that popping noise and it had a soft petal. I replaced it with a new...
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    DOM question

    I guess I should have read the replies more carefully cause the first ones kinda conflict. The stuff I have is dark gray and upon further inspection it says that is made in India so I guess I didnt buy American :( So if the India stuff is strong then I am in good shape.
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    DOM question

    Thanks guys. Good to know the stuff I got this time is American made. No threads on this stuff but that sure would have made it easier to put together :D
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    DOM question

    The first time I bought DOM it was a light grey color. This last time it was a darker grey almost black. The markings where right for DOM. Is there any difference. Is it a processing thing?
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    Who sells the square pinch clamprod end adapters???

    Superduty head quarters has the light racing ones
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    Bushing question

    Where are you getting the graphite impregnated nylon randy?
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    4x4 ifs question

    My vote is for toyota. The 89-95 4x4 uprights are all kinds of strong from the factory and are forged so if you need to add supports they are easily welded. If you need convincing just look at TC's gen 3 race kit ( modified toyota upright)
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    Bushing question

    Thanks Matt
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    Bushing question

    Hey matt do you guys make the 17-4 heim spacers in larger sizes say 7/8" or 1" ? Brad
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    Bushing question

    Thanks for all the help guys.
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    82 chev LT kits

    Geoff What are you charging for the I-beam conversion? Pm me if you dont want to post it
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    Bushing question

    Thanks. I was kinda leaning that way. Some one told me there is something called pickled delrin and it is supposed to last longer than the normal stuff. Anybody heard of this?
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    Bushing question

    Hey guys I am getting ready to build some A-arms for my full size chevy. I searched and it seems like most people are using uniballs for the inner pivots. I have a TC gen III race kit on my toyota and its using urethane for the inners. I am wondering for this new truck if I could use delrin...