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  • Good to hear from you Jose. Congrats on graduating. Thanks for the email and i will keep you in mind as we put together our plans for the 2012 season. Talk to you soon.
    dood, thats sick your moving to mexicali. The only really large team i can think of is the Vindsola's in mexico. I know the Harrah's in Reno have a large PR part to there racing side because my buddys sister worked there for a while. Anyways good luck dude, im sure ill see you at a race in Baja soon

    Send Pete Sohren a message with your pitch to him on rdc, he's "BANNED FOR LIFE." If you come up with something viable he'll let you know. He'll also let you know if it isn't.
    Use our job wanteds in the classifieds section. That is not what the forum is for. Thanks.
    No i'm not doin' baja at all this year i will be at V2R if all goes to plan. but my lady and i are havin' a baby due oct 11th sooo i'm sitting out the next few for sure....
    Sure, I'd be happy to get a copy of your resume. I'll follow the link and hang on to it.

    Keep me posted on your desert racing life and activities. I know you are up there in school, and that means it can be tough to get to races. Just keep looking forward. You never know where the next opportunity will come from.

    Meanwhile... get good at school. Keep at it.

    "Life Is A One Lap Race!"
    Buddy, did I get back to you?? 3 Ball's party is at his house on Thursday nite before the contingency/race. His place is about 32 miles south of town but there might be signs at the highway. He's better than a mile off the highway. Most people including Baja Jones are staying out at 3Balls, camping mostly, I think. I think most people are arriving Wednesday night, prerunning on Thursday, contingency on Friday and kicking Mrs. Steele's rear end on Saturday. Nurse Naughty and I are staying out at Cantu's Cove before the race starting Monday night. Go north on the Malecon, wind around by the light house and keep going north around the big hill. You can camp on the beach for a fee. If you make it to 3Balls bring something to say thanks for using his place, a bag of paper plates, cups, etc. Baja Jones and BCG One are cooking. Email me at if you need more info.

    brother tim
    We'll be on the LocosMocos channel or try 415-505-6445 cell.
    Hey man, just read your thread on San Felipe. I also go to Chico, hit me up if your gonna make SF. I might be helping a Class 22 & 7 team.
    Did you send me a message about San Felipe? If so, I lost it! People are heading down early in week and in mid week. Not sure where everyone is staying yet. We will be meeting out at 3 Balls casa to celebrate his birthday on Thursday. 7 and Boofey are racing the Toy in Class 6. Should be fun.

    Hey man thanks again for the kind words. its always nice to find another guy interested in desert racing to hang out with. Beer pong friday sounds good, where is your place at??
    We stayed at the the old Don Jesus. I think you may have stayed at the new Hacienda Don Jesus (two stories tall?). They're on the same street about a half a block apart. The old one is real basic, but real clean, and kinda narrow. Someone folded in my side mirror driving out at night, but they got the worst of it, broken mirror-glass was everywhere. We ate that night at the El Nido, then visited Cantu's Cove the next day and hung out for a while out at Pete's Camp before heading back to the USA. Hope your trip home was good. We ended up caravaning for a while with a bunch of SCORE medics. Try to make the San Felipe 250, Seven is gonna race and Baja Jones is gonna run the pits. Plus it's 3Balls 50th birthday and we may be staying out at his place south of town.

    It's cool......i was just reading and i saw that no biggie congrats to who ever wins....
    I'm looking better right now for the 500 but we'll see how the schedual works for the 250...yea we all had a great time at the pit. Say Hi to the girls for me too!! and let them know i'll have more Margaritas next time!!!
    well the pic was done by BCG7 (keonig)but i'll take the credit!!!i was just helping him get votes...the trip back was smooth we drove strait through to san jo and got home at 11:30pm ish.
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