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  • Alan, I didn't have any issue with your OP, but, instead with the thread starter's OP. Sorry for any confusion, it's all good, and I'm sure we all agree we get spoiled by our off road LED's, HID's, even ol' KC's! As I grow older though, the on-road opposing HID's do seem to cause more distracting and uncomfortable glare than incandescent's.

    But there remains a fallacy in the TS's OP, and I bet you can find it.;) No more hints.

    OK, one, LA TV locally produced wx coverage.
    "Both Tundraman and Dodge are correct." Still haven't perceived the fallacy in the words and premise of the OP? A simple qualifer would have avoided it, used correctly. Good thread though, with some good info.
    Hey Alan! Did you see the thread with our cars? Baja D in almost every photo!! Thanks for gettin us squared away! I will send you my notes this weekend!! I know I am flaking bad!!! Way too busy lately
    Thanks Jenn, I'd be glad to be listed as one of your friends, but you know everybody!!!!
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