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Dec 16, 2004
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San Diego, Ca
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Accepted, from San Diego, Ca

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Jan 22, 2018 at 10:04 PM
    1. AzBajaman
      Hey is that a male corgi you have? I have a female looking for a boyfriend when ever she comes into heat?? let me know if your interested!!
    2. Jason P
      Jason P
      Speed=engine RPM, C power=engine Horse Power at the crank,C TQ=engine torque at the crank these are all readings off the engine dyno.
      I just finished the engine which we ran on the dyno today.
    3. DirtDgr
      Hey! Thanks again for your response in the forums about the CODE race. You mind if I ask you a few setup questions?

      What's with the tires you guys run down there? I see the Contitracs and all the very limited tread. I just bought some Yokohamas. Are they not the ticket down in Baja?

      Any advice in getting through the silt and sand? You use Maxtrax? or?
    4. arqangel67
      Thanks for the rep, I really can't believe what is going on and it really does prove what we all think about our gov. and the world in general.
    5. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Sorry about that, I think we both may have misinterpreted the other. As you said, the internet, and our reliance on just the written words of us non-English majors makes understanding difficult.

      I fear sequestration may cause the economy to contract, and my income and assets contract when that happens. :( Currently, the equity markets are up, but should I sell out next week, or invest more by buying into and dip? :confused:

      OTOH, I don't see how the country can go on living on credit as it has for at least the past fifity years since LBJ instituted the "Great Society."

      Again, thanks for reopening the thread.

      Have a great weekend!
    6. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon

      You wrote: "I'll just learn what I need to know about sequestor from listening to Rush."

      You have to be kidding, right? :confused:

      If not, perhaps I was correct in my intial assessment of your thread starter?

      It certainly makes it appear you were not really seeking enlightenment, but affinity by the like-minded , instead.

      Again, I do appreciate you recommencing the conversation.

      Perhaps we can all understand the issue, and each other, more fully.

      Well, except for Donny. ;)
    7. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      I commend you for reopening the discussion. Thanks!

      I haven't read it yet, but will after I finish this.

      I do care what you think, though not what you may think of me in particular, but your opener troubled me because it seemed to stereotype many for the actions of an anecdotal few. I thought it read like you had already made a decision as to your position.

      You'll note I provided a list of links today on the subject when I dropped in while perusing the WP in addition to the two I posted below last night.

      My apologies for not bringing my concerns here, rather than into the thread.
      Reopen the "sequestor" thread!!
    9. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Thanks for the replies. I, not surprisingly, disagree with your assessment, but fair enough, OK. You don't like being questioned, I don't like reading uninformed opinion without an opportunity to comment thereon.

      Here's some links on sequestration so that you can learn more about the subject if you still care to do so:

      In general:


      In the news:

    10. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      I "dinged" you for closing the thread, which indicated to me a lack of respect for opinions other than your own, rather than continue the discussion.
    11. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      You have a good day as well.

      Sorry I hurt your feelings, I thought we were having a discussion on the impact of sequestration*, and was trying to have a rational understanding.

      I see you apparently don't want that, or can't handle disagreement from others, which would seem to indicate a lack of respect for others.

      If my observations are incorrect in your eyes, please tell me why and how.

      *Which you stated was new to you, implying that you knew little about the issue.
    12. JRod
      No big rush - Schedule is a little up in the air next few weeks, but what day usually works for you?
    13. JRod
      Definitely! What day off do you have during the week usually? I'll be traveling, but let's try to set something up in the next few weeks- I'm not far from Bonita Golf Course actually.
    14. South Texas Racer
    15. South Texas Racer
      South Texas Racer
      That dude was being a douche and just wanted to squash it. Im from texas and we dont talk **[IMG] ¡Ay, caramba!****[IMG] ¡Ay, caramba!****[IMG] ¡Ay, caramba!****[IMG] ¡Ay, caramba!** just handle business if it come down to it. I will be back in purple bud just hate that kind of freeloader bs!!
    16. JRod
      Wasn't me! Someone has stolen my union protected screen name!
    17. JRod
      jajaja - I figured from the comment - red dots aren't bad. I had a teacher I worked with at his summer job who had his own gang, "Los Puntos Rojos" I asked him what it meant and apparently whatever backwoods town he was from had a low literacy rate and a high drinking rate. Anyway, the state approved liquor stores would just put a red dot on their signs so the illiterate would know they were legit and legal to buy booze from, hahahah
    18. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Thanks, I'd rep you back but I got to spread it around.
    19. 1fastbean
      Thanks for the rep!
    20. 3G RACING
      3G RACING
      which one?? the night race?
      remember that the start line is the next exit down from the cañon de guadalupe...... see ya there
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