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  • Good effort there buddy!!!! Thing is, I got a cute girl I've been seeing, and I REALLY like her!!!
    dude I have invited you like 5 times....... I will do it again right now. Not sure why this keeps not working. Sorry
    Totally! Without the people that build the 1000 I wouldnt have anything exciting to do after classes get out! haha
    thanks. I was having fun. I am gonna leak the link now since I posted most of em.
    I dont have a computer right now, I'm getting one next week. Then you'll see me back on here more often. I only go on RDC when I go to my pops house.
    DAMN! 1 BILLION DOLLARS?!?! I WOULD OF GAVE THEM IN A HEART BEAT. The bad thing is that I told them my name and address, you don't think anything will happen?
    Hey Bro. sorry I haven't contacted you...Liz could not get the day traded, we were to go up thers sat and go to Sea warts on Sunday, pero no se nos hiso
    Anyways, down to the needy greedy, congrats, when is your batchelador party? Who is your best Man? Y pa' donde te mando tu gift, I wanted to get you the 360 steering pero aqui la jefa quiso que te mandara la pinchi vacuum cleaner, can you believe that chet?
    Oye guey te invito a Jacume, si tienes tiempo.
    LOL... Me too!! even went to youboob to look for an intro clip! haha.

    Damn it.. Well.. I need a buddy to go see it with.. you in? I'll drive. :)
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