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  • that's pretty good too. i think the best was baja oklahoma though. any of the books with billy clyde puckett and shake tiller in em' are good.
    it's pretty good huh. the best dan jenkins book in my opinion was baja oklahoma. jenkins is a funny dude. two out of the three things you gave me worked if you know what i mean. thanks for that.
    BTW, the Native American Church and The Peyote Way of God have been very effective at curbing alcoholism among the indigenous peoples for at least four decades, combining naturally occurring hallucinogenics, and a mashup of Christianity and native spiritualism.

    Recent studies also indicate a one-time use of psilocybin may be effective at combatting depression.

    Carry on!
    i wouldn't worry about staying away. there's no one on here that cares all that much. bark is worse than their bite..
    i'm just glad you're ok. you disappeared without a trace and i've thought about that for a while. nice to hear from you man.
    Im doing good ! Lost 25 lbs already ! : ) have adjusted well to new eating habits ! I will be spotting for DRIVE this weekend ! You going to the race or the MDR race the following week ? Glad for your dad sorry about your Aunt ! Give me a call sometime. I still got my eyes open for JOBS for you !
    Copy that. Was thinking about Steven Eugenio too. He can friggin fly. Already tried Bryan Freeman but his baby is due around that time, otherwise he would have done it.
    Its in San Marcos, ill check and see if we have any openings I dont think we do though. Ill let ya know.
    i'm slowly learning how this sh-t works. i'll give you a call within' a few days man. cya soon.
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