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  • Damn, hopefully youre now employed..... I just got a job with Qualcomm in La Jolla..... It's pretty sweet... anyway. hope youve gotten a job, if not Good Luck!... Hope you have good holidays.
    Si pura cura. I will have to post some pictures from the SD games Ive been to. Good luck with dallas. They are hungry to have a good December.
    I think this might have something to do with his boss and job and the DEA.He is way too butt hurt about it.he`s still crying.haha
    I really aren`t worried about any other subject if you don`t like it don`t read it.
    Cool thanks. A buddy of mine finally got me online with the PS3 and I have been addicted to COD MW online. Have you the youtube videos of the new one? Looks awesome.
    Hey, did you preorder COD Modern Warfare 2? And if so, where from? When do you get it? I'm thinking about doing it since the hype keeps getting bigger.
    Me, too, but not for public consumption. The other day my local FOX affiliate broadcast a clearly legible shot of a woman wearing a "F**K YOU, YOU F**KING F**K!" t-shirt on its 5pm news! I guess I'm getting old, but it's all getting to be too much. When my dad used that word, we ALL knew to lay low.
    Actually, Dad taught me to never get in line and his third wife showed me how to avoid them, so I'm not particularly jealous of Mr. Sandra Bullock.

    Well, not too much! I just don't like the vulgarisms, we can go to DR if we need 'em!
    Copy. I might just run a wire as I need to too and then put it away when I'm done. My old house, I was setup. My modem, router, video game console was all in the same place. Now my modem is a good 25 feet away. Thanks for the info brotha.
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