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    Happy 5/1600 Day!

    Man! I wish I knew, it was a ball joint car (which I didn't think would last as I have all was had Link pins) worked really great, I raced in Parker with Les's step son Clyde Reese, who I raced bikes with in the desert, we had a flat on the Cal side and Clyde rolled it on the Arizona side, Tom...
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    Happy 5/1600 Day!

    Bob Giese built 5-1600, owned by Les Carter (RIP) I raced a few times for him, this is the Firecracker 250 in Barsow, we broke a rear trailing arm while leading, finished 4th at Riverside same year (1984), the land rush start was fun. It was a desert car with to high Ring and Pinion so we ran...
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    Ivan Stewart Modern motors Chenowth 1000 replica build

    Rory I love that old school sound, great job!
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    2020 BAJA 500

    I spoke to a friend who lives in Serenade yesterday and he told me there were 20 cases of Covid there and the city officials we makeing sure it stayed that way by locking down the city.
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    6100, TTspec, Baja Truck only thread

    MT not building on or planning to race one, but curious about some of the HP the Ford engines make, such as #'s 1-3 and 4? I bought a F150 2020 with the V8, factory says 400 hp, I sold my 2017 Raptor which the factory says makes, 450, I realize that a create motor makes more, but wondered how...
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    Beer & Ice Cream Wild Hair Funco Build

    I am a bit late in seeing Harley's Dad's post, but remember the 76 1000 well, my first race in Baja, Bob Brownell and I raced a 75 Hodaka Wombat I took off the show room of my bike shop, we were suppose to start early so about 4 am we went to the impound and retrieved the bike, water was up to...
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    B1k map please

    Seems like in 1997 we ran down that pass and headed North to the big sand wash and the Salada, am I correct or is my memory shot?
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    The #AHBEEF Life - Thoughts?

    Never seen it, is it on tv, or what?
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    Ivan Stewart Modern motors Chenowth 1000 replica build

    Rory Thanks for the reply and how you did it, if I ever am able to find our old 1000, I am going to look back at this thread and see how we can make it better, to be honest back in the day (1976) we just accepted that the car was not going to shift well, we never in a 1000 years thought about...
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    Ivan Stewart Modern motors Chenowth 1000 replica build

    Rory.. Hope you have better luck (skill) making the car shift with the side mount shifter, we ( Maynard/Townsend Chenowth 1000) had trouble with it from the get go. At one time I thought about just moving it to the middle of the car and running the shaft under the seat, but never did.
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    Green Sticker while racing on BLM in California

    I should have been more clear, my question is am I ok driving my Can Am in Lucerne Valley at any time with my Montana licence plate or is the BLM going to be looking for a Green Sticker?
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    Green Sticker while racing on BLM in California

    Dave What about the UTV that is licensed in another state,such as Arizona or Montana?
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    Com padre Trail

    Been down the road from the Tecate Hi Way numinous times, last time about a year ago, there was and always have been a barbed wire gate, just to the west of El Comparde Ranch just after the giant oak tree, it takes you to Laguna Hanson, we have always called it the El Comparde trail,it was never...
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    What is Robby building?

    Walker built that truck, he must of done a bunch to it as Bob Maynard had one we tried to prerun in and am lucky to still have kidneys, worst ride ever.
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    How to Win Friends and Influence 5-1600 People

    1984 Score Riverside, land rush start, now that was thrill, it puckered you up at the first corner. We got 4th in Les Carters Bob Geise built desert car, that was fun times!