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  • Thanks really looking forward to seeing the build progress. also how are you guys going with BITD getting the 3UR-FE approved for 6100? Thanks
    We've been going back and forth with Jake from Score for a year now, he still hasn't made a decision. I think once the truck is running and we have a dyno sheet showing the power numbers it will get approved.

    We don't have a model of the engine, but we have an engine in our shop that you are welcome to come and measure. Where are you located?
    Hey well currently i am on an oil rig in australia, working haha. I have started desiging a 6100 and have always been a toyota guy. o when i saw this it really interested me. I am coming back to orange county (where i grew up) in a week woud love to come check out your guys build and maybe pick your brain for a bit if you are open to that.
    I am really having trouble finding size dimensions for 3UR-FE. I dont know if you would be willing to share the engine model with me for personal use if not i understand just thought it would be worth a shot. or if you dont have the model even just a drawing showing dimensions.
    Hey i just found your thread about your 6100 build running the 3UR-FE. I am actually am in he process of designing my own tube chasis 6100 in solidwors. I plan on running it in vorra class T to start running the build when it is finished. I will run the stock transmission to start and then convert to the th400.
    just saw the Toyota newsroom feature on the new truck, looks awesome. good luck at the 1000...
    I see. I was thinking maybe you or someone on the team worked for 'em, I have family over at the custom shop in Corona. Cancel that, but kudos for working out what sounds like a super sweet deal.
    What's the story behind the Fender Guitars stickers on the bedsides on the 7s truck, you play? Just wondering.
    No Glen Helen this year. No Tony either.
    Good racing at M4SX, hopefully at Lucas, maybe at TORC. WHeel2Wheel in Victorville as well.
    Macinzie has outgrown his TK and it will be for sale very soon once I finish all the upgrades. Not sure what is next - Sxs, 1600, ???. Am also selling my 7s truck.
    My plan is to help out Ken Johnson at M4SX, and maybe Lee if needed.
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