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    2020 BAJA 500

    Maybe Score just wants everyone to pay their deposits so that they have funds to pay their full time employees without dipping into RN's personal account. All the while knowing that the race probably won't happen and they can just "hold" those deposits until the future race happens. ??
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    Absolutely Not!!! The simple answer to your question without hi jacking this guys thread is to say Class 12 is perfect the way it is now that there is a low compression option.
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    Class 12 is not dead in Baja and has it's place. We have car counts close to 20 at times. More than 1600 most of the time.
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    Temporary Closure of Johnson Valley OHV during KOH?

    Thanks for the clarification. Excited to watch the madness!!
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    Temporary Closure of Johnson Valley OHV during KOH?

    Just saw this posted on FB. Curious to what the closure map looks like. This could be a train wreck. Maybe it's not a big deal but I have a place out there a couple of miles from the lake bed and it sounds like I might have to worry about being ticketed for driving around in the Can Am...
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    What is Robby building?

    Like I said, I'm no engineer but it looked sketchy. Maybe I am not seeing it right or the sheer load that the bolt can handle is way more than it ever sees in this application being double sheared. M aybe a bad batch of bolts or it just came loose?
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    What is Robby building?

    Now I am not an engineer but it sure seems like a bad idea to have the bump stop hit the trailing arm rather than the axle housing if that's whats going on in this picture. Right next to the bolt even, where the arm isn't going to flex at all. That bolt has to be seeing some crazy loads. Has...
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    Thanks though the credit belongs to Stan and Freddie's driving along with Dan's prep. I did the chase on HWY 3 though!! I will be back behind the wheel at the 1000. Congrats to you guys for a strong run and see you at the 1000. Crazy that there was no mention of anyone following the race on...
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    Sauce, I sent you a text message.
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    1206 will be there!! See you guys there.
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    What did you guys think of Millens maiden voyage ?

    I think it's great that someone is investing time and money to keep innovating in class 1.
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    We run them on 1206 front and rear. They are awesome tires!! They will be perfect for the front of your car. They are really sticky and you will notice an improvement in braking and turning in.
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    SCORE Payback?

    How much do you think winning the Baja 1000 pays back with 10 entries in the class? Entry fee was $3715.00 if paid on time and $3915.00 if paid after deadline. Let's assume everyone paid on time so $37,150.00 was collected for the class. In the "old' days it was very clear. Back then, If...
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    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage5: Tacna > Arequipa

    10:53 Gonçalves is out of the race! Oh No!! Honda is down to 2 riders. Today's results could determine who Honda wants to be the top dog to push for the win between Ricky and Kevin. The other will turn into the support rider. Go Ricky
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    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage4: Arequipa > Tacna

    Shorty must have stopped to help Quintinilla. Neither of them are in yet.