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  • I was told you were looking for more info for Glenn Harris's SS1 Funco. I work for Glenn. If you send me an email I can send you pictures. Let me know if there are any questions you have.
    Hey Matt, I was talking to Bill at V2R and he told me about your son. I hope he is doing OK.
    This is too cool...can I use it as a signature???

    This thread is like internet badminton, using a dill hole as a birdie!
    Doing really good. Me, Mrs. Nim and Rufus the wonder Poodle are getting ready to head to B@P in a few minutes!
    Didn't mean to make you feel too bad. I knew him before the stroke and he wasn't so negative. The whole mex thing strikes a nerve with him for sure. He had a close call down there with his family. They were all held at gun point.

    FYI-Dave, AKA Harley's Dad, has had a stroke. That's why his spelling isn't so good.
    Didn't want to bust your balls on the open forum.

    Take care,
    No insurance for the MX. Heck, I don't think he even has a green sticker. Those babies are pure Mexico off road machines.......
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