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  • . You have taken control of something that most of us would like to truly be regulated so you give two options of whats fair and forget all the keyboard racers. If they don't like your two options then they can take over and see what its like to deal with a bunch of knuckle heads.
    Hi Pete I own 6156 and would like to be evolved in the voting process. All this back and forth on RCD is not productive. I would suggest making two options for the rule change and then voting on them.One must prove that they have a 6100 truck (being built or built) to vote
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    its not easy...but i think we are gaining traction with bitd to change to the 525 camshaft change and the rest is supplier, no more rebuilding, all engines equal..
    What route do you take to get to Ensenada? Assuming through Tecate, what road do you use from I-8 to tecate?
    take campo boulevard exit or buchman springs......I like tecate crossing but sometimes they hassle you with race cars and tires and spares...
    KC in AZ
    KC in AZ
    Someone recommended La Posta Rd?
    I did the Boulevard route last year but I was wondering if it worth staying on the 8 till Buckman springs?
    THANKS for the info.
    That was a fast like! you know I am going go be raked over the coals when his friends read this. LOL
    Hi Pete, this is Gary Stultz (one of Todd Wyllie's guys) I hoping you can give me some info on that th400 short tailshaft/yoke you had done? where can I get one? how much? etc. any advice would be much appreciated.
    Welcome back! Saw your BAJALITE truck and logo made the airwaves, good going. Might see you Thursday, in any case a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2011 to you and yours, Pete!
    did you get a chance to hear the replay of the Baja1000 TORR radio show we did ?? we flow'd nicely .... yeeeeiiiii
    Glad you made it Bro! Definately was an awesome wedding, not to mention the bachelor party, the bigass axis you shot, and the turkey! You are always welcome to visit the Texas boys! Next time I see you will be at the Laughlin Desert Challenge, as you know I can't make the Baja Grand.
    hello pistol... i am Efren from La Paz

    i need info from your trucks in rent for this Baja 1000...

    any e-mail for contact please

    a friend from Buenos Aires Argentina has interest for race but need rent a car

    Hey Pete saw ur post for the baja 1000 and maybe I can help. I think well I know I can drive for u and help the overall goal of winning the race. I've been racing for years have won the 1000 twice Felipe several times and prim 3 times. I have driven 5-1600 and all the way up from thr up to a class one. I have raced class seven for years now and have raced and beat the best. I also have a good prerunner and willing to work ony section as many times as needed. Money we can talk about that and work something out. Please ask about me I believe I have a great track record and if given the chance can prove I can drive with the best. Sincerely Victor Herrera call me at 951 634-4787.
    Good talkin to you today Pete, and thanks for sticking around till we got to the top of that hill at the 500, it had been a long previous day and night!
    Are you guys bringing the BL to the labor day race in Texas? Should be a great course for the truck....
    Dude.......Ignore the a-holes and talk to the rest of us on RDC! Rember what I told you................don't hurt the ones you love! lol .............See you at Primm brother, Don
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