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  • Hey lady, that multi quote in the WTAR it had "**BAN ME****BAN ME**" in it? Did you type that or was it a word replacement program?
    Are you kidding? Ask Eric if having something removed has anything to do with V-day and I'm sure he'll think it has a hell of a lot to do with it!!!! :D:D:D:D
    But I am posting something that is relevant to the topic. And who said I was trying to keep the BS out of WTAR? I was just trying to keep the "Good morning" & "What's up dudes?" comments to the Chatbox.
    Thanks for the invite to the Doggie club! It was cool meeting you at the SNORE night race last year! Hope to see you guys again soon...don't know if I will make it to the MINT now...realized it is on Summer's birthday...think she has another thing she would like to do.
    look at you with the info...nicely done. stupid pat just had to be dumb on new years. it's ok, danny will bring it home hard too. should be an interesting few races with just danny behind the wheel. coming to laughlin and parker?
    Yes please keep me updated I too hope he is able to go back to using his wrist like normal.. hahahahaha at least he's got you :p sorry couldn't resist :D
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