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    pro-light chassis builders?

    The two fastest TRUCKS in the Pro-Lite class are Rodrigo Ampudia's Huseman chassis and Jeff Kincaid's Kincaid chassis. There isn't anyone building a better truck than Dan Huseman in Pro-Lite and Pro-4... They aren't cheap, but if you want the best give Dan Huseman a call.
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    Don't see any new sponsorship in pro-lite.

    Well, you should see a few new sponsors on our Pro-Lite this weekend! Look for # 71 to be driven by Chuck Foreman. NOS Energy Drink, Advance Flow Engineering (AFE), Pro-Comp Suspension, PRG Products, amd Gatpr Wraps are all new to the class I think. Not to mention, OMF, Maxxis, Nut...
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    chad hord mazda?

    Chad's engine is not a Tall deck setup. It is built by Bruce Nogrady, out of the Esslinger parts bin...
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    Modified Kart 250 And 450

    Unless my eyes were failing, I have seen 22x11-10 tires on both the front and rear of the 450's. The story I'm being told is that the 450's are going to have a minimum weight that is equal to, or slightly higher than the heaviest 250 kart. I'm pretty confident that our kart (#502) is the...
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    Modified Kart 250 And 450

    Matt, Parker's post race weight is exactly 100lbs. more than our Elite. How much more power does his kart make though? How about limiting the Modified Kart class to no more than a 20x11x10 tire? That would help even out the two engine sizes...
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    Modified Kart 250 And 450

    Scott, hopefully I can insert a decent question into your thread... How can a team get more power from their 250cc. engine to bridge the gap to the 450cc. engine, without installing the 450cc. engine? We aren't allowed to modify the engines internally, so... how is the 250cc. ever going to...
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    honda motors

    Mr. TOH TIP, A stock engine is no comparison to a high-strung race engine! Maybe Redline did have a problem, and maybe they didn't. If you have any time at all on an engine before it has a problem, the repairs are more than likely going to be on your dime with any engine builder. Mike...
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    First video of the year for Jeff Kincaid Motorsports

    Guys, That's Cheyne Stetsny (sp?) not Jeff.
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    Mid-engine Headers

    Aaron, Call John @ Hy-Tech (949) 581-2121. The layout he uses for the side exit drag cars would probably fit and aim out the back.
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    CORR Rule Change???

    Hey Rob, Wouldn't Readylift prefer to be on the 'glass and on the aluminum... jajaja... okay enough of my terrible sense of humor...
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    Who has registered already in Pro-Lite?

    Does anybody know who changed their number to #2? I thought we had reserved that number with CORR, but we were kindly notified today that we need to pick a new number because an existing racer changed their number to #2 when they registered today or yesterday. Now before everything heats...
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    Johnny Greaves move to Pro-2

    Jon, Re-read what I wrote. I am a proponent of Fuel Injection, but I am not talking about Carb vs. FI here. It's more about the different parts and people that will be involved with this new Pro-2 program.
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    Johnny Greaves move to Pro-2

    Wow! I'm sorry for "slamming" you. That was definitely not my intention. FYI, I've been a fan of your family's since back in the Gibbs days...
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    Johnny Greaves move to Pro-2

    I think everybody knows the "Motor package"! It's quite obvious with the rules written to favor the carbureted (sp?) ~400cu.in pushrod engines... The funny thing is that his Pro-2 engine program will cost more than his Pro-4's engine program...
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    What is considered the Premier class in CORR?

    Rob, That's a question that has different answers depending on which direction you are looking at it. CORR promotes the PRO4 and PRO2 classes on pretty much even ground. I think they have decided to promote them equally because they look the same to the fan. To the off-road fans...