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  • I hope to run my 7s truck at Henderson and Cory will be there also I hope in the future we will continue to work together, I have been doing and now doing the Henderson prep work for Cory's class 10, Mike Mauer's class 10, Greg Jackson 3700 Jeepspeed and from time to time Victor Almeida's old class 10 and now he has a class 1. We are in the progress of building a new 7200/6 truck and hope to get it on the track in 2010. Look us up at the races. Thanks Wayne D.
    I am hoping to make it to Laughlin but funds are still a concern. Of course as a racer I just plan on racing then fiqure out how to pay for it later. I sold both Jimco's but I am part owner of the Sidewinder car that was featured in Dirt Sports. It is everything I was hoping the Jimco would be. I was rather disapointed with the whole deal on the new Jimco car so I sold it. I raced the Sidewinder at Plaster City New Years Dash race last year and can not wait to get it back to the track. As funds allow I have been fine tuning some things on the car to make it easier to work on. There is a good chance I could use some help at Laughlin and who knows maybe someday it may lead to a ride. By the way do you know if we can test in Laughlin?
    Not so much Ragin' huh? Yeah I talked to Dave at the SNORE 250 (Is he your Dad or Uncle?) and he told me about your race strategy and how it relates to funds. Co-Dog seats are pretty much booked up since we have 2 guys that always prep the car with us and are good co-dogs. Not gonna be at Laughlin. Parker is next for us.
    The car has not been touched save for a wash job. Got a motor to pay for and some sheet metal damage from the PP. You won't see us out again until Parker. Sucks cause were planning on doing a race in Dec. Not enough $$$$ now.
    Hey Brandon Happy belated birthday is everything ok never see you on RDC anymore. Oh and congrats on the 2nd place finish at the Mint long overdue for a good finish. Take care
    YA!!! Im so stoked!! lol I had such a good time I can't wait to get out there for more seat time. Are you going to the Primm race in April BITD??
    lol sometimes. after i posted it i started wondering if i should have kept my mouth shut...if maybe pat didn't want it known. so i hope i didn't say something out of place. sorry if i did! and no to both...but we might make an appearance at B@P. eric might have to have surgery again on his wrist...he will be out for most of this season if not all too. :(
    strong possibility on both BAP and the Mint.
    Will do but most everybody I know has the driving/riding situation dialed in, including me. See ya
    We can always use help but have most of the pits covered as we are pitting with FAIR( I am the FAIR race director). If you can't find a co-dog spot let me know and you can come help us.
    As for the prerun it was good for me because I have never raced there but the first half was real dusty. See ya
    BCAMPBELL!!!!! Long time no talkkk ha! Everything is going well! How are you? Anything new/exciting? How were the holidays? Any big plans for New Years!?!?
    Take care!!
    Heyy buddayyy good job on neg repping Mr. Ignorant.. JEEZUS... I gave out my first neg rep EVER on RDC x2 this week all for comments made about the SAME person! .. Breaks my heart :(

    Hope all is well for ya! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo
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