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    9/24 - Dr. Phil Show topic: California 200

    In all honesty the show was very well done.
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    Help with desert quad setups for a newbie

    As far as suspension is concerened yes long travel for the front, but not the back. If you run long travel in the rear you have to get the linkage lengthener thing for the rear. The linkage the the bottom of your rear shock mounts to is already very low. If you through long travel on there it's...
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    Toyota Concept Bike

    It looks like something that would like nice in the dunes but out of place on the track.
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    Help with desert quad setups for a newbie

    I've ran a LTR450 since 2007 with Vorra. Tires: Run as big as possible. I'm using ITP XTC 23" Fronts and 22" Rears with ITP Baja rims. One set lasted me about 600 miles. Skid Plates: This is going to be the single most important thing you do to your LTR. There is a major reason why. The...
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    2009 Season Points Total

    Since Vorra.net doesn't work so well I thought I'd repost it here. Class 1 Place Car # Driver Total 1st 149 Sam Berri 530 2nd 132 Shannon Harwell 492 3rd 118 Steve Sullivan 425 Class 10 Place Car # Driver Total 1st 1029 Red Team Racing 435 2nd 1222 Tyler & Cindy...
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    Prairie City Oct 10-11

    I had a Saturday school one time in High School on a race weekend. My dad picked me up from School with my race truck in tow and made it out just in time for tech. Good times. :) My Mom wouldn't let me take the suspension instead.
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    Prarie City Advertising

    Tristan and I were talking about this too. I think channel 31's morning show came out like 10 years ago one morning the week before the race and some of them got rides. Joe and Craig on 98 rock in the afternoon are pretty big gear heads and I'm sure if someone offered them a ride they'd talk...
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    I did the Chicken Dance in the car on lap 5 as we passed it.
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    What is the cheapest to build???

    Entering a race cheap is one thing, being competitive for cheap is another. 1450 is probably the cheapest upfront cost but it's going to take some coin to start being competitive there... well anywhere.
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    Fallon 250 Night Race... Who's Ready?!

    Both... which will make it interesting since Tristan and I are first in the buggy. I will need to ride fast so I have time to change and get a drink before the race starts. :)
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    Fallon 250 Night Race... Who's Ready?!

    Finally got my quad running. The pressure regulator was clogged. Just got to adjust the camber and double check the oil return line under pressure and I should be good. :)
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    Boycott Gas Station in Fallon

    Did some research and it looks like 2007 5% of Sand Mountain was closed for the Blue Butterflys. The Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe was one of the investors paying for the research and land closures. That is the most recent information I have on this. Why Sand Mountain is important. A long...
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    The jump is about 1/2 a mile from the Weeks dry lake bed. When you are standing on the peak it isn't so bad but when you are aproaching it at any kind of speed it looks like a 6 foot wall. When we were doing some testing on Mike's new truck last summer everyone was telling Troy that he could...
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    Haha okay I'll talk to you when we get to Weed Heights.
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    Dibs on a seat during the prerun.