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    I havent seen that pic in awhile. That rear tire had a slow leak, punk [I have been warned] tire. It really didnt hurt much to be honest. Kept going back for more! Those were the days...*sniff *sniff
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    Unless youre throwing down HP or the run to the jump has changed from previous years, good luck trying to get near 80ft. It was like freaking quicksand last year!
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    Stupid Toyota Windows

    Good luck with those windows man. I had the exact same problem in the Tacoma. Obviousely youve been hitting things pretty damn hard because I know I did and towards the end of owning it, both tracks broke. If you get a chance look at the complete difference in doors when it comes to a Ranger and...
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    Dromo One Night!!!

    Austin, you were all over the track man. Hate to say it but watching you in my rear view made me dizzy! Too bad you got booted cause that was some great racing man. That Rob guy is pretty fast. I guess I didnt do too bad for my first time and had fastest lap of the day. Next time
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    Gas prices soaring near you?

    $2.59 for '87 in San Diego. 30 mile commute each way. Thats why I bought an Integra.
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    McNeil Explorer

    The new one you saw is the one that Perry McNeil built for himself. It is completely NOT the re-built Explorer. This new model is twice as gnarly.
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    ROOMMATE WANTED!! San Diego!! FEB 1st

    OK here's the deal. We need a roommate for a 3br house in Bay Park/San Diego. Garage, yard, and super close to the beach, about 3 miles. We sit on a hill facing the water and have a spectacular view. Really, really nice area with TONS of parking. Includes washer/dryer. Sq.Ft is 1500. Rent is...
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    New Years Glamis!!!

    DAMN RIGHT ROSE. SHOULD BE GREAT TIMES DUDE!! Hey Ryan, think you can squeeze my truck in your trailer ??
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    Flatbillers ??

    Touche ESB--thus explaining why you are in this pic!
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    Flatbillers ??

    Austin, this sums it up my friend....
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    Flatbillers ??

    No Fish, it isnt. But this will make up for it. Notice the seat in the full, upright position? Good thing he doesnt have an airbag or kiss that neck good bye flatbiller!
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    Flatbillers ??

    Even flatbillers have to get creative. You cant notice, but in this pic, this FB is sitting on 3 phone books and has pedal extensions and still barely manages to see out the windshield. Crazy flatbillers....
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    Flatbillers ??

    To help with visual aid here is a typical flatbiller truck. Hence, the "white fender" kid.... Sorry Ryan!!
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    New Years Glamis!!!

    Oh and Travis, dont pass out again unless you want to be my avitar again!!
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    New Years Glamis!!!

    In my humble opinion, which doesnt mean squat, airing down the front works 10 times better for me...