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  • Thanks for all of the birthday well wishes. We are celebrating the birthday and 25th anniversary in Hawaii and having a great time!
    Chris -

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!!!!!! You're older than me and that's all that matters! LOL!

    All the best bud! Enjoy!

    Hey Chris! Happy Birthday man!!!! Just think about this way, you are officially OLD when (2) things take place. 1) You have now become "invisible" to high school age girls... 2) You can "legally" date someone 1/2 your age. So, have you or can you do either one of these 2 things? lol lol lol,,,, Happy Birthday bud!
    I would advise you to NEVER take tools to Mexico- we were paid $2500.00 for about 16k in tools- yes we had original invoices from Snap-On. Wife's wedding ring was capped out at $1k - nice, we had that invoice and GIA certificate too. Auto CLub has our homeowners, this was a long drawn out messy claim. The truck was paid at $29k, not great for a $65k investment only the February of the same year. It was a very expensive lesson. The Mexican Insurance did not step up on anything, this was all through Auto Club. Mexico insurance required that we travel back into TJ to make a police report and file with insurance...

    SO thats where we ended up with the insurance. Pretty incredible considering we had both US and Mexiacn coverage.

    Whats the latest news on your last trip home from mexico. did the ins pay out or is that still a mess?
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