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  • I hope he was kidding as well, and if you read his 1 or 2 prior posts in the thread it definitely makes you know/think he is kidding...With that said their is places to joke and with something as controversial as what is being talked about and said, I am not sure if that was the right place, but either way from his prior posts I think he is kidding...

    Good meeting you as well. I totaly understand, Borrego was hectic as hell. We had an hour lead all day and lost it at rm 650 with a crash. Ended up 3rd.
    Bill it was nice meeting you at the races, sorry i couldn't talk much since the team was showing up to set up the pit.......How did you guys end up doing?
    I would love to. I have to check my sons winter schedule. He snowboards competetively and we travel alot in Feb and March. Troy Harper mentioned the Rip to the Tip today as well. The 250 might work out.
    You gotta come down to prerun with us if you race the 250 next year......Pab is seriously thinking about soloing the 1000 next year on a bike.........He would rather be on a bike in Mex than anything else in the whole world.
    Hey just read your post, I can take care of any fabrication needs I am in mesa which is about 15 min from phx. If you have any questions call my cell @ 602 757 5329 Brent or check out for my website.. Thanks
    I wondered if you raced. I was heading up to Powder Mtn MX this weekend but descided against it. I get to start riding again soon. Did I tell you about my foot?
    Whats up Billy?Had a great time at the Oaktown GP,rode sweep and raced.Had a blast,it was almost like Elsinore(all the buddies around).See ya,Pat
    Sounds like a nice place. Yeah Prescott is nice, a lot slower pace of life. I haven't really skated for almost a year now, well since i moved. My kid and I were riding the Vans park at Orange, cA. The copy of the Upland combi pool is insanely fast and fun. If you get the chance go. Prescott has a cool little park, some cool little kidney pools, we'll see once i get my son and gear here. How's the work market up there? Let Michelle know I say hello too.
    Ya, I live in Park City. Small town with a bunch of ski resorts. Michelle and the kids love it. My son Matt and I have been skating bowl a lot. The park is 2 min. from my place. Its a lot of fun to skate again after 20 years. I was pretty much over Esco as well. I heard Prescott is nice, good move man.
    Thats me Bill, been a long time. Yeah moved to Prescott last September. I had enough of Escondido and Heller Ford. I got hired at Galpin Ford here in Prescott, I love it here. Getting ready to move the family up in a cuople of weeks. How's things going for you? You're in Utah right?
    Thanks for the advice in the "What to do thread"... Tried reppin you but I gotta pass around 1st, ya know!
    Thanks Bil things are going much better. I looked at some new pups yesterday and would like to give my wife a new surprise next weekend!;):D:D
    About your kicker post:
    We really don't sign to him, my girlfriend is going to take a sign language course because he will sign to her. He doesnt like to sign. I don't know why maybe just so other people (public) dont see him do it
    Ok...I feel like a smutz! I didn't mean to flame the guy, but he is always so negative in RDC. Thanks for the heads up. Cheers! MP
    Good to hear from you, I have ment to get in touch (not the boy scout type touching) with you. We would love to have you out there but hopefully wendover in sept.
    We got the fuel system sorted out and are ready to go and give Tom a run for his money.
    Christine is doing great she is going to come out to take pics and vids.

    I will let you know how it goes.
    Let me check with Mike McClintock. He usually has the hook-up on used suits. As far as Helmets, nothing "legal" When's the race?
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