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    2021 MEXICAN 1000 MAPS !!

    Eliseo, Has NORRA made any arraignments to allow racers to bring spare tires and parts across the border for the race without paying import tax?
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    Class 5 only

    I believe the “new” bettle bodies used by CRUMCO are glass.
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    Class 5 only

    Hot VWs also now will not include a car that does not have a VW motor... that take 95% of the current crop of Class 5s out. A shame for sure as the new Jake’s cars are truly works of art.
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    Help with go pro arm

    We’ve been using this UPR mount for years. Love it... Light, easy to adjust to any angle...
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    Class 5 only

    Looks like Parker....
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    Class 5 only

    Thanks SCORE Journal! So stoked!
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    If you want to try them, I'll loan you a set of the 33"/10.50 General X3s on 15.4.5 Methods...

    If you want to try them, I'll loan you a set of the 33"/10.50 General X3s on 15.4.5 Methods. I've run BFG, Yokos, Tensors and find these to the - honesty - the best. Adam Johnston tried them on his 5 car, watched us have zero tires issues at V2R. he just switched
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    News Hernquist Motorsports Shirts - $25 Donation to Desert Hawks

    We are stoked to join forces with Scheaffer's Oil, Ntensettes/Baja Junkies and RDC to support Desert Hawks. They are a group committed to continuing to build a much needed Fire and Rescue program in El Rosario. There services are FREE to all in need and operate solely on donations. Many of...
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    2020 SCORE Baja 500 Live Video, Weatherman, Tracking, Updates

    We had ZERO problems or issues. SCORE was very well organized and handled Registration, Tech and the Finish perfectly. Town was also very good. Most people on the street were not wearing masks but the CaliMax required masks, took temperatures and required hand sanitizer. Also, we were...
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    Class 5 only

    Animals!!! Never Quit!!!! Mad Respect
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    Class 5 only

    Congrats Chris, Jon and the WTF Team! Fun times for sure! Great to race with fun, clean, competitive teams... Looking forward to the next race....
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    Class 5 only

    I've worked with Jeff since his days at UMP when they were the P/S Gurus and long before starting his own business. I know he'll always get to bottom of any problem with his stuff. Don't worry about him telling you there's nothing wrong with his parts and not wanting to get your problem fixed...
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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    We already committed to this year's SCORE Baja 1000 peninsula run. I know my team cannot run the NORRA 1000 in October and then the SCORE Baja 1000. We'd likely run a NORRA 500 in October if that happens.
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    Class 5 only

    The 33s weigh 51 lbs. Generals' specs show heavier so I was curious and weighed them. We dont run the 35s so I have not weighed them. I believe Travis shaved the 35s for weight and limited bite. We have shaved the 33s in the past but quit as we saw no advantage.
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    Class 5 only

    Not sure of the clearance issue up front. We run the same arms, spindles, hubs, etc... no issues. Also, with a 2.4DI the 33x10.50 on a 5.5 or 4" wheel is over 34" tall and more than enough tire IMO and easy on transmissions. (My old car has NORRA, prerunning etc.. 2000 miles on an MD4 with...