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  • Hey Steve,
    How's It going ??? Just wanted to invite you to the 5-1600 shootout @ the Ensenada to San Felipe 250. It races the 500 & 250 courses, and is only $ 430.00 to enter.
    There's currently 13 cars signed up. There will be over 20 cars easy.
    Whaddya Say ???
    Negative, I was going to go but I have a lot of family stuff happening; reunion, out of state , etc. so I didn't make it out. Just glad our guys are all OK.
    hey u whats u doin for new years? if not ne thing come out to plaster city. hit me up buddy hope everything is going good over there, see later
    hey u still goin to glen helen on sat? Im racing the yellow bug the one in the pic, so look for that one and be there by 10. Thats when the prerun begins and it ends at 1130 so see ya then buddy. ohh yea to spot our pit out we will be in a big white trailer when you come into glen helen on your left
    Well I am glad to meet you to. Im also glad you guys had a good time even with the all the problems. We just had a power steering belt go and 2 flat tires and a trophy truck hit us and thats about it. Yea guys come out to glen helen, even if you do not race at least come out to see the action! Talk to you later
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