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    4x4 expedition

    old body style... shes a 97'.
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    4x4 expedition

    im looking for some ideas on how to make a stock 4x4 expedition work halfway decent in the dirt. anyone mounted, or seen 2.5" shocks mounted on one in the rear of an expe in stock location??? i was hoping to run an 8" bypass up front with a small shock hoop, using stock arms. would it be worth...
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    diesel in a bronco???

    awesome respone...much appreciated. so, what do you think an estimated cost would be??? can you buy and older style diesel new, like a factory crate motor??? turbo lag is definitely an issue i didnt think of, but i think with some time behind the wheel you could prob get used to it a bit.
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    diesel in a bronco???

    so, im buying a 94 bronco with 100k miles and its being built into a full blown mexi cruiser. already has widened beams and coilovers and is pullin around 20" of travel up front and will hopefully be gettin somewhere around 16-18 in the rear pretty soon. what im wondering is, when the engine...
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    Baja 500 Hot Spots

    well be at cabras on fri and sat in a tan single cab f150. stop by and have a brew. (waves are supposed to be good as well, for anyone who's interested)
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    slater for sure. andys an amazing surfer but when kelly puts his head down its all over. i know hes fired up to kick some a%$ this year cause of all the hype around the rivalry between him and andy. should get interesting. (and cottons has been FIRING along with the rest of sc all...
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    buckets vs coilovers

    i was reading in another post that there isnt any real benefit to using coilovers over a coil bucket and big shock if you arent utilizing heaps of travel. this true??? im building bronco that will be using cut and turned beams, so there wont be huge amounts of travel (im guessin right around...
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    bronco spare tire mount

    does anyone have any pics of beefed up external spare tire mounts for the bronco?? or are there any companies producing an after market one that can take a beating??? could you just reinforce a stock one to make it work?? i really wanna throw my spare on the back as well, but i keep on...
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    Under the bed 4 link?

    how much travel is a set up like that gonna pull??? its a killer idea, i just wonder if its worth the dough, and space saved. ive been wanting to do sumthin like that for a long time, its cool to finally see it on a truck. so, is that a kit or custom deal??
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    Biggest Tires For 97+ F-150 2WD

    35 with a spidle and glass. 33 otherwise can fit easily with a spindle, i think maybe even stock too. ive got the first set up mentioned and it doesnt rub at all.
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    Under the bed 4 link?

    what about the under the bed 4 link that newline did on that black tundra??? any more pics or info on that set-up. looked extremely clean.
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    2000 F150 4x4 Long Travel ?

    could one of the CST kits be modified, or would it not be worth the trouble?
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    starter or battery problem

    ended up bein the battery. took her into kragen and they tested it. got a new one today. works like a champ. thanks for the input.
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    starter or battery problem

    thanks for the feedback guys. much appreciated.
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    starter or battery problem

    i need a bit of help. my trucks been havin trouble startin lately and im tryin to figure out if its the battery or starter or possibly the alternator. the trucks only got 30k miles on it. when i go to start it, sometimes it fires right up, other times it wont even turn over, but if i keep...