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  • Hey Bill I really dig the idea of having finisher plaques at MORE races. Show SCORE how it's done.
    We had a SHO V-6 at the time. I really liked the way the power hit like a two-stroke. Running a little over 100 for quite a spell south of Puertocitos in the 1000 that year, I could steer it with a flick of the wick on the curving ranch roads as we crossed back to the Pacific side from Bahia de los Angeles (?). It was fun while it lasted, a junkyard survivor, we moved up to a V-8 in 2006. I like that, too. Had a great lap at Parker this year with it. Passed a LOT of cars, starting behind all the Pro classes, including JeepSpeed.

    I'm slated to drive at Lucerne. Do you think it will be the same 66 mile loop? I decided not to drive (the final laps) last year, as the car had a couple of issues, had lost time and I wasn't sure I could make the cut-off time, so I never saw the course. Any tips or thoughts?

    I think I'd like to run Class 1, but not sure my wallet or blood pressure would. We raced against you once in 2004 at the Freedom 250, my first race in the Coyote. I think we finished a distant third or fourth.

    Jim recalled the course as rougher that race, I think it was the old course "b" with no College Hills but a trip down south near Hodge Road.
    Gotta go and vote for the wall crusher in the RDC february giveaway voting thread. lets get it up there in votes and win this thing.. Thanks
    Hi dude. Hope things are well with you. Just pluggin along till this baby pops out. Give you a call in the next few days to catch up.
    Hey Bill thanks I appreciate it. Are you going to make it to the parker race this weekend? I really wanted to make it but alittle something called work changed my plans. thanks again
    Thanks,... I iwll be in ocotillo in a few weeks and always go to the baja 500 and 1000.
    i haven't heard from the guy who replied from the raptor forums in a while. I guess he broke is quad on this last trip. it looks like we are going to use my honda for the BITD races so the fuel tank is not high on our priority list anymore. thanks for your help. I will keep you posted if things change.
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