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  • Thansk for letting me hang out as I am up at nights it was nice to be able to hang out with you guys. Very nice new shop.. wow brand new! Very cool. Get that wiring all set and your in! As for tabs not yet I am working on my new smaller projects like I was saying and I will have to buy a bunch of random small tabs find which I like and which work on them and then I will be ready... sorry it will be a few months.. Thanks for the offer and I will see if your ready when I am closer to being ready. Thanks again for all the info, taking the time to talk etc. Very cool and I will hang out some more in the future if you don't mind. Also good luck and see you at the races. Tut.
    hey bro i think i found your tire out there at slash x i posted it up on here but havent had any replies so hit me up (760) 668-6523..the names sonny..thanks
    Thank you for the props and rep!
    I hate people like that haha
    where in riverside are you from?
    hope your doing well, I quit 4wheelparts, Friday is my last day, then Im starting up at Affliction . Money's really good and Im stoked! Kiss your kid for me and look forward to seeing you someday.
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