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    RANGERCLASS poll... is this a crazy idea?

    I used to have a stock 2.3 liter with stock 5 speed in my class 2000 Ranger. (Now I have a V-8). I ran 33 inch tires with 6.00 gears. The 2.3 is terrible going up washes. You get can't get out of 2nd gear. Also, you have to floor it in 1st gear to get up some hills and you barely make it...
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    RIP Rod Hall

    I remember the days when you'd call the stars of the sport by their first names when they came by: Rod, Ivan, Roger, Walker, etc. He was a true legend.
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    Upcoming Races and the Government Shutdown

    We've got the MORE race, Parker and King of the Hammers. Will these races go forward if the government is still shut down?
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    Motor Protesting

    The $500 protest fee has been around for decades and should go up. Not necessarily $5K but perhaps to $1K. As I recall, if the vehicle is found to be illegal, it is DQ'd and the protester gets his money back. However, if it was legal, the driver who was protested gets the money. Only drivers...
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    Who misses the ol days racing desert??

    Bring back Class 6 (sedans)!!
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    So who has the time to write an off road protocol manual?

    For the Tech/Contingency section, you should add "Leave crew members with your car to keep it rolling if you talk to vendors. If you need assistance from a vendor, pull your car to the side". We all like race talk but some guys make tech and contingency a social event while others just want to...
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    2019 MORE Fireworks 250 (Unlimited Shootout)...Who's Interested?

    Nice to see you're looking at a 68 mile course in Barstow. I think that would be the biggest course there in years. Looking forward to seeing what you put together.
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    2018 MORE Duel in the Desert PICS / Videos

    So far I have only found them on JT Media: 2018 M.O.R.E Slash X Duel in the Desert - JTMedia
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    Go Spencer Low and JR.

    I'm guessing a lot of guys are too young to know how dominant he was in 7S. I lot of guys are probably too young to know what class 7S was.
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    OMG, SCORE just made a TT class for me???? bwahahahaha

    No night races because everyone in the class goes to bed early. Instead, races will start at 5:00am.
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    First truck race in desert in a truck....advice needed

    I agree with RedRide. Racing is expensive and you'd hate to break in the first few miles over a weak part you could have discovered with a little testing.
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    MORE Slash X Duel in the Desert

    Seemed like a lot of photographers out there. Does anyone have a list of the photographer's websites?
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    More-Snore PCI Race radios/Snore 250 race Sept 24

    Absolutely true! The guy ahead of me was gone and dusted me out. I was probably going 25-30. By the time I got off the lake bed, he was no where to be seen.
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    Good bye to my Dad, Wally Schwaia

    Hang in there buddy. It might not seem like it now, but it will get better.
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    MORE / SNORE race.

    The dust at the start was horrible. By the time I started in class 2000, they told us there was a 25mph speed limit on the lake. Lots of carnage. We only made it to MM17 but by that time, we had already passed 6 vehicles stopped/broke. Hope some of them got going again. Course was fun but...