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  • I sold the stock T100 rear end when I started building the truck. I am going to sell the 70" wide 35 spline 9" full floater soon that I have in it now.
    yep i sure do (i do the prep and co-drive)..the owner of the jeep team (and website) is jason lafortune; multi jeepspeed champion .. is there anything you might need help with?
    Fiberworx and Perry's stuff fits like ass. If you want something that looks good, Glassworks #1 or Haneman #2. Everything We have ever gotten form the south of the border crew has fitted poorly and been of very low quality. Even the race glass ranger body we just got from them might be going back as it is crap. I know it's going to get destroyed, but at least it could fit together and be sort of symetrical.

    Your truck looked like a pretty good DD/froader.
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