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    Gear install

    I have had work done by both PDC and J &S and they both do good work. J &S was a little flakey with their scheduling, but things happen. Overall I have been real happy with PDC. Mike
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    Hard Drive recovery help

    That freezer trick really does work :eek: . I have used it on two drives and managed to get about 85-90% of the stuff off.
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    # of shocks?

    Here are a few pics of my cage.. I agree tho on the last cage, look like someone could slam their head or somthing else on tubes.
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    Squeeky Brakes

    good to know.. thanks
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    Squeeky Brakes

    Make sure you pads are seated on the calipers correctly. I got this stuff from NAPA called stop squeak or something to that effect. It’s like a paste you paint on the back of your pads and it helps to eliminate the vibration and squeal of brakes.
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    Yeh i like the OG stickers better than the new ones.. im still rocking it
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    Best Spyware program

    Make sure you get adaware second edition, you can pick it up from their web page. also get SpyBot this program tends to catch the stuff that adaware doesnt get hope this helps Mike
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    Brake problems

    Thanks for all the replies. I took everything apart today and found it to be the caliper slider bolts. I replaced one and greased them up.... took it for a drive and no more vibration Thanks Mike
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    Brake problems

    When I make a right turn and apply the brakes my truck starts to shake violently. I im not getting any strange peddle vibration when this happens or anything strange when braking in a straight line. Wheel bearings are new and hubs/rotors are about 1 month old. Could it be the pads for some...
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    New Autometer Gauges

    Looks very cool! I checked out their web site and it said they only had them out for late model mustangs and they are going for around $500. I sent them an email about the 88-98 chevys. Ill report what they say
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    Vote on

    551.. too bad i wont be able to see it
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    Not desert related, but very cool
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    The Piece Conquers Baja....Video & Story

    Austin, what you did is truly incredible and shows that you dont need a TT to conqure the baja, and that all you need a good truck and good people! Once again great work!!!
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    3rd Member skid plate?

    Stewart's race works sells them... here is a link to the site
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    Bulletproof Stock Full

    Looks great! I like the way everything is so tucked away. After driving my truck for a while now, I’ve really notice how much room there is even though it’s a caged truck.