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  • Right on. me too. he really bailed me out at the Midnight Special race so I am glad I can help him out. Whatever you guys need, just let me know. I also stock belts as well. Talk to you soon.
    Congrats on a great finish! Thanks for the new bracelet! You are simply amazingggg!
    like a champ!!!!! LOL great job this past weekend! long overdue win/overall for Cameron and the DA!
    BlueBear I will be there, should be rolling into Primm tommorow about 5 or 6 Ill look for you guys not to hard to miss! May Ill have to bring PAB some real Energy Drink too! Liquid Ice jajaja ttyl man
    You're a bad badddddd boyyyyy!~ Yeah you know what text I am referring to!
    Thank you. Your *fan mail* is always appreciated. I try to get back with a personalized message but unfortunately I have become so busy that my assistant will be handling all fan club affairs. Thank you for your interest.

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