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    Clean Tube Ends for Welding

    Does anyone know what tool is used to clean tube ends and maintain the consistent straight line and distance from the end of the tube like the attached Camburg chassis? I bought a Hardin HPG-331 to do this, but using a handheld tool has proven to make holding the straight line very tough.
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    COMP Cams Hiring Web Designers

    We need to hire two web designers/developers to work internally at COMP Cams in Memphis, TN on some major upcoming web projects. These are long term, full-time positions with full benefits and a good parts discount. Here are the full job req's...
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    RedHead Install Question

    I'll give that a shot. Thanks for the tip.
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    RedHead Install Question

    Ok, so I installed the dry break before last weekend's race. The install went well. It flows the fuel amazingly fast. However, these things are a major pain in the butt. The redhead leaks. Not sure how to refill the can w/o taking off the redhead, and the can empties itself...
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    RedHead Install Question

    Thanks, that's what I needed to know. In the two series I run, changing to an aftermarket fuel cell requires me to change classes. I'm too far into the season to consider that move, but I agree that it would be a safer situation. However, this setup should safer than the OEM setup, especially in...
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    RedHead Install Question

    I'm installing a FuelSafe dry break system on my Polaris RZR XP. Blue Torch Fab makes an adapter to connect a 2.5" hose to the OEM fuel tank. That hose will connect to a FuelSafe female dry break. My concern is that the factory air vent line will not be large enough to quickly displace the air...
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    UTV Racer

    I'm a long time ATV MX racer and I had a short run of bike MX. I'm making the transition into UTV racing. The next big race for our team is King of the Hammers.