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  • Hi Bob,

    I was wondering if I can forward you a copy of my resume for any public relations internships you might know about. I gave my resume to Sal Fish at the SCORE San Felipe 250 a couple of weeks ago.

    Talking to Sal for the first time was one of the greatest moments in my life. It was a true blessing.

    I'm trying my best to get involved with SCORE International when I get out of college. I know that your reputation as an off-road spokesperson has a big impact on desert racing, and contacting you would be very important for me.

    Here's my resume URL link, it's a resume Web site that I created for my future employer.


    -Jose aka Bajabro-
    Bob, I never got the chance to get some money for one of those cool hair visor thingys! Sorry man, if you're at the TT250 I owe you.
    hey Bob, I was wondering where you have been. I talked to Chuck Johnson the other day, out of the blue.
    Bob, this is here on RDC, it is a closed forum for 7s racers only. I assumed you had already been granted access to it. It has been around for some 10 years I believe. I will PM you so info.
    I need some help here. Where is the MINI METAL forum you want me to check? Gimme a link to follow. I'll tell you that I am not the greatest resource when it comes to the technical side of rule making. I'd be happy to do some homework and let you know what my thoughts are.
    "Life Is A One Lap Race!"
    Bob, What is your input on my attempts to get unified rules for 7s at SNORE, SCORE and BITD. Particualy addressing the front end rules. Check the MINI METAL forum. I think you have good wisdom and are respected in the off road racing world. Say it how you see it, don't sugar coat it to be nice. Thanks in advance....

    BTW - Merry Christmas, I hope all family made it together and everything is good in the Bower house.
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