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  • My name is Darren Walsh. I race 5/1600 as well. In 2007 my car was 551. Had my first son been re-doing my life(pampers etc...)and re-doing my race car since. My team and i are planning to do the 1000 in 2011. It is a big dollar race but we just have the passion and a year to do it. We are gonna build a inexpensive pre-runner soon a mid 90's jeep cherokee 4 dr. they are awsome for chase and recovery too! I live in Long Beach Ca so if we can help each other out in anyway let me know.I am localto all the shops in California. Plus I have Canadaian family in Mapleridge about 45 min. east of Van Couver. Hey can you send me some new pics of your car? What motor are you using and are you happy? It looked like you used FAT last time.
    Any way thanks again for the videos, I sit and watch all of them while my 3 1/2 year old throws dirt at me to get the real racing effects!
    If you use my personal email we can swap pics [email protected]
    Talk to you later, Darren
    Hey You Canadaian's.
    Was on race-Dezert looking around and came across you guys. Driving from B.C all the way to Ensenada Mexico. Wish you guys all the luck and I shall see you boys down here!
    Nice to see grant running with you @ baja,small world,i know your buddy mike miller from work hes allways talkin you up.kick some ass down there, were going to need the full report.
    I saw your last post under desert racing with everyone trying to decide were there going to race next year.I know of two 5/1600 bugs in the kamloops area and one more in wash state, they dont come out and race to often because we only have one buggy class which is open and they just arnt competitive against super buggies,but things are changing,Im putting on three races next year at tradex convention center in abbottsford combined with korrbc points series making a seven race series,I am planning on running a limited buggy class that a 5/1600 would be competitive in.If enough 5/1600 were to show up I would love to give them a class of there own.We are close to annoucing our race dates and a tittle sponsor,I will keep you informed
    We just returned back to Vancouver after finishing the 2009 BAJA 1000. We crossed the finish line in 3rd place class 5/1600 but as we attended the awards ceremony we were told we had been nailed with a 1.5hr penalty, placing us in 4th and out of our podium finish. SCORE has yet to explain what the penalty was for, can anybody help us find out???????
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