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    Are rules killing our sport???

    As long as the people who are buying and paying to build the cars, are the ones driving the cars there is no fear of it becoming professional. Professional racing is about winning, and that means paying to build the fastest car and hiring the fastest "professional" driver your race budget can...
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    San Felipe 250 Unofficial results

    Sounds like you WON! the 2015 San Felipe 250, but unfortunately lost the 2015 San felipe 200
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    Air intake system and air filter

    I will seel you that one in the photo for $12,000 and will throw in the car and all the spares for free
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    Class 9 vs UTV challenge

    All other classes will eventually disappear, and in the future it will be all UTV'S
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    Class 9 vs UTV challenge

    It seems there are a few on here that dont know what Class 9 is. Which is cool, so I posted a few photos of one deskinned so you can get an idea of what one is.
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    cool class 9 vid, Ensenada to San Felipe...

    Raced down there more times than I can count, always an awesome time. I would recommend it, but then again who am I. Great racing, Great People, Great Food, and finishing with a cold one on the beach, it dont get any better than that.
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    Baja 1000 A long Long WAY ### Video###

    Might have to work, but if not will let you know
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    Baja 1000 A long Long WAY ### Video###

    Your Welcome
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    Getting back into it

    my Car is for sale
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    Hand Crank Films "Beating Baja"

    Cheers for the ONCE!
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    Baja 1000 A long Long WAY ### Video###

    I'm like anybody who has spent anytime in Baja, it gets in your blood. The trip down to La Paz is a Long, Long way. It inspired me to make this video. To whom ever is going down be careful and always remember that it's a Long Long way.
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    Dropped the price on my class 9 for sale

    Thanks, if you know of someone that would be cool, have them make an offer
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    Dropped the price on my class 9 for sale

    It does suck, as for racing it,changes in life wont allow it right now and an illness in the family means I need the money more than I need to fill my racing bug. If you know of anybody looking for a great car I will let it go for even less than the $12,500 just wish someone would even make an offer