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  • I was never defending the suspect, I was defending the system, though it may be flawed. I was troubled by the posters' expressions of their lack of respect for order and justice. Did you ever see or read "The Oxbow Incident"? I did, at twelve, and it had a profound impact on me in terms of inoculating a sense of logic, truth and justice as opposed to letting emotion rule the day.
    i hear ya. my wife is working but i'm not. i've been looking for something around here but as you know there isn't much. i've been making deals that will hopefully pay off next year. stoked you have that in HB.
    I moved up this way not so happy about going but as it gos you got to do what you got do
    I live in Alfalfa. I am out of work. I will be moving to Huntington Beach to work at JE Pistons.
    hey man, kyle here, awesome story about your trip to the shop. thanks for the props. hey it was always my dads dream to do a neverlift II if you want to get together and work with me i'd like to keep it on down low. It wouid be super happy if someone showed interest in another movie. PS no hard feelings about what happened in the past, honestly i have no idea about what went down. call me some time @ 9513781625
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