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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    Gasolinera Camacho.
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    Punta Pequena.
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    2020 Mint 400

    Doesn’t stupid crap like this^ belong on facebook or twitter?
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    Anyone surprised by how low the entries are at the mint?

    I promise, no one running around the desert with a camera chasing off-road racers is doing it for $$$.
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    I am fairly new to this and have a question about Baja/Ensenada!

    Make sure you have car insurance, your tourist card/ visa and passport. You need all of those to make your insurance valid. Take pictures of all your documents and email them to yourself. Don't stop until you're out of Tijuana. Get on the toll road and get away from TJ. Don't speed near...
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    On Topic KOH cell coverage

    Plenty of places that rent SAT phones etc. for the week....
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    My guy knows Baja better than your guy

    Go sleep in your truck for a month down there and you will learn a lot...
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    The "Official" Dakar 2021 Thread

    Follow the Vegas to Reno race and you'll understand. The Nevada desert is the birthplace of much of the most secretive technologies on the planet. Don't get dust on the solar panels and have at it.
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    First Americans to win the DAKAR Rally

    Congratulations to Ricky Brabec and Casey Currie w/ Sean Berriman. A BIG accomplishment in motorsport! (They deserve a thread of their own.)
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    ★ Dakar 2020 - Stage 3: Neom > Neom

    Looks like Nevada.
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    The "Official" Dakar 2020 Thread

    Thanks for the updates. Great to hear your point of view.
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    The "Official" Dakar 2020 Thread

    Brabec got 5 mins back.
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    The "Official" Dakar 2020 Thread

    Same for me.
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    Saudi Desert Rally Championship Al Ula-Neom Rally

    I am being a pain in the butt.
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    New Bronco @ this years Baja Mil with Cameron Steele.

    they'll be matte or powder coat and you won't have to polish it before heading to the galleria.