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    Glamis Thanksgiving Weekend

    If you are not going to be a part of or to witness the chaos that takes place on holiday weekends, you should really try Glamis on an off weekend. I go because I like to ride and on an off weekend or during the week, you just about have the dunes to yourself. In my opinion, that make the whole...
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    New forum talk

    Will ther be an option at the front end of the board to look at all posts in the last 24, 48 hours etc? I still use that because it reminded me of RDC 1.0 and I liked it.
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    Baja 1000 on CNBC this week

    Thanks for the clarifiaction Rory. I didn't realize it was that wide. I guess I'll have to get back to a few races and check it out at contengency.
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    Baja 1000 on CNBC this week

    Great footage and a first class production. Keep sending those emails in to let them know we appreciate it and want to see more. Couldn't help but notice that TT#2 is right hand drive. That seems like it would take a lot of getting used to. Any insight into the reason behind it?
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    Kurt Busch wins Nextel Cup title

    I'd rather see Jimmy Spencer win the cup than that little [I have been warned]. And I'm no fan of the fat guy either. He is just the original buschwacker.
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    Question for a engineer

    It is not that tubing is stronger in torsion, just more efficient in many applications. Why design for solid bar when you could find a nearly equivalent load carrying capacity from tubing? Thom's original "rule of thumb" is pretty accurate and one that I have used in the past. Your chart...
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    Kerry will eliminate off-highway vehicles

    then I guess I have nothing left to loose.....
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    can you say.........

    I think there is more to it than you acknowledge. GWB is not the most conservative president that we have had and I personally hope that we can look forward to more conservative leadership in the future. The problem as I see it is that both parties have shifted to the left. For the...
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    can you say.........

    She will be there in 08 and has likely been planning it since 2000. My fear is that there may just be enough people in this country that are ignorant enough to vote for her. That scares me and I will have to look at relocating to another country if it happens. In that light, Canada and Mexico...
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    Kerry will eliminate off-highway vehicles

    That may be true of some but I know that I filed federal income tax returns since I was about 15. That included all the years that I was in college and working to pay my way. Maybe it would serve as a motivating factor for students to work part time or during their breaks.
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    4" exhaust tubing

    Re: 4\" exhaust tubing Look for a place in your area that deals in parts for heavy duty trucks, primarily semis. They should have 4" mandrel bends available.
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    Kerry will eliminate off-highway vehicles

    At a minimum, it should be manditory that you file a federal income tax return in order to be on the list of registered voters. If a person is not a contributing member of our society, then they don't deserve to have voice in our political system. At least that is how I see it.
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    Kerry will eliminate off-highway vehicles

    Due to overwhelming voter turn out, a new plan has just been released to ease the congestion at the polls. All Republicans are being asked to vote today, Tuesday 11/2, and all Democrats are being asked to vote tomorrow, Wednesday 11/3. Thank you for your compliance.
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    Kerry will eliminate off-highway vehicles

    [ QUOTE ] Brad M , Today when I turned on my computer , you were nobody to me . After your reply to me ..... You are still nobody to me . My feelings are hurt in no way whatsoever by your statement towards me . Actually I hope it made you feel better to pout about me with your fingers on a...
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    Yeah, we're getting ripped off!

    Re: Yeah, we\'re getting ripped off! [ QUOTE ] The one thing that pisses me off the most about gas prices, is that when the cost of a barrel of oil goes up, the sign at the gas station goes up that very day... but when the cost of a barrel of oil drops, the cost of gas does not drop for weeks...