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  • Hi there, I saw your stickers, they are still on it and he is still running the same fiberglass and paint. However , I will do what I can to save you a peice if/ when the opportunity presents itself, absolutely. Take care!
    Hi Brant, how are you? I wanted to ask if you know if Ron has fibers trophy truck of the last Baja 1000 race? if I can ask you please please let me know if I can give one side of the fiber where the sticker pasted in honor of my cousin ... thanks
    ooohhh ok, thanks you...
    you are coming for to baja 500??? know if Ron is going to run? Fonzy said I had thought about running, you know something?
    I and we are all good. Thanks for asking. We're in Seattle, Washington on vacation right now, enjoying the weather. Not sure of all the teams going to Baja but I'm sure there are alot.
    I can not find the myspace of fonzy, can you tell me where is it? I am new in this because of myspace
    that is correct. I was in Guerro Negro waiting to ride the second half of that race in #38, but it broke, so I subbed for the rider in the 39 part of the way to the finish. I am sorry to hear of your friend. The guy I talked to was very nice, spoke decent english and looked same age as you look. He was giving me lots of info on hotels, places to eat, places to relax etc. it was funny.
    if my friend, which was unfortunately died on me said he had talked with someone from the team, but never thought you were, in fact came from the exit road to the finish ... in Guerrero Negro car was found to support the team and ask for Garron, Garron and told that the engine had broken down in San Felipe.
    this photo was taken from the page Garron and that race gave me a hat, to the, the cap is in the gift fonzy the finish line of baja 1000 2006 when you get on 3th. or 4th. you were going to co-driver
    it? if you can help me with the sticker?
    I was, but not since shortly after I became a father. I was a chase capt. and alternate co rider. I was in tt 39 at the finish of baja 1000 in 2006, and In tt 38 at the finish in baja 1000, 2007. Did I see you?? Who did you give a hat to or recieve a hat from? also I will give you my myspace when I figure out how.
    Can you give me your myspace, the problem is alfonso "fonsy" speak spanish and it is easier for me to contact the because you the gift of a cap team in the finish line of the baja 1000 2006, fonsy to submit and ron in a baja 500 2007 ... Ahh and last question, you are part of team g & r?
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