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  • Your Dad was telling me about a video he got of us from the infield passing 763 in the air. Can you get that to me? Thanks!

    And it was awesome to race you guys again.
    Sounds like a good run. That silt does suck. We'll be in Laughlin. Should be awesome. See you there.
    How was the 1000? I tried keeping track of you guys as best as possible on-line but that doesn't tell the real story.
    Yeah, we were talking about going to this race. Not sure if we're going to film though just come have fun ;-) How are you guys doing for crew?
    I want in on the wave machine! I bought a lotto ticket this weekend but no go......Maybe next year.....I try to buy at least one a year....LOL
    well the peeps i go with cant decide on anything so i wont know until a couple days before the race were ill be, saturday night im getting a group of guys from here rdc together at rockodille swing by
    thats hella cool, looks like your gonna be battling the pin truck, the greers dodge, and ostaniks ford, do you know anything about 802 andrea tomba? hopefully more 8 trucks make it to start line, i just friggin love class 8, dang ampudia and leducs need to enter their truck whats are they waiting for waiting for haha
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