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  • that is what i'm going to race. :)
    but i just found out that the weekend of the first lucas race i have aims testing. so i'm going to try to get out of it!
    Brett it's the RDC 250 DRIVE race. March 20-21-22 being held @ Plaster City East. Alot of the info is on the main desert forum. The race is the weekend after San Felipe. Thanks Brett. So far Brock Heger, Elliot Watson, Brock Dickerson, HRT, Looney, Preston Roben, and two other from San Diego area.
    Brett are yoou going to be able to make the DRIVE RDC race. So far we have 6 TK lined up...
    haha i have never been there, so i dont know whats fast. Lets hit up Anaheim cause that is closer to me i think.
    Cool photos from Del Mar... I like the sideways action shot and the last one of you flying front end high! Way to go!
    everyone if you had seen my album just to tell you brent axup rolled going through the table tops in my blurry picture from from hitting my brother and they car went out of control and rolled 2 times. did it on the first lap.
    Hey Brett its Jacks dad, he said to say hey, and see you at the next race. Not sure how to accept friends request but I will try to figure it out and do so.
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