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  • Brian, are you racing Rage at the River? Looks like we're bringing out the nine for this one.
    doug silcock set my shocks up. i run fox all the way around. im not sure yet what im gonna put on the new car though.
    i understand feenin, theres nothing like racing. we'll have to go out testing some time, i think it could benifit us both. i live just a few miles from the avi course and not to far from the laughlin course, its a nice ridenice ride. i'd also like to log a little time in barstow sometime, anyways just saying. let me know what you think !
    Hey Brian,
    I am not sure at the moment. I want to.I should know by the end of the week. Are you racing?

    hi brian, unfortunately im not going to make it. lack of funds right now is my bi issue. on a lighter note , a friend of mines dad is a marketing consultant, and has agreed to work with me and put togather a new sponsor package and present it to some of his people. it sounds like it could be big for 2011, at least im hoping so.
    are you doing the midnight special, or running the season with more ? good talking with you , i always enjoy meeting and talking with fellow racers on here . get back to me , yea.
    im not sure.....most likely not. School has left me very little spending money LOL. the car is prepped though. its sitting in the garage, ready to race/sell. are you racing?
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