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    923 car for sale.

    Forgot to put email contact.
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    923 car for sale.

    Hello all. We are selling the 923 car. Comes with enclosed trailer and all spares. Shocks, tires, arms, spindles, everything . Complete package. Will post pics soon. $16,000 OBO. 760-447-8705. If no answer (work) please leave message. Thanks.
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    MORE Freedom 250

    Nor am I.
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    MORE 400 Picks

    Huge thanks to my entire team!!! Harley and my son Ryan handed me off a great car after 2 laps , Mike brown and myself jumped in for last 3. Very rough course no doubt , I was pretty beat at finish line. I agree with Tyler , Matt Creveling and his dad are extremely tough for doing all 5. Just a...
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    Freedom 250

    Not quite sure what Matty is talking about "pansies". Maybe he didnt notice the two trannys we have that need fixing? Plus prep. Is this the part when I should put lol? Not sure as I dont post much unless my interest is piqued.
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    Congrats MORE Winner 990 Matt and the Kaveman Team

    Absolutely stoked for Matt and the entire Kaveman team!!!!!! Proud of you guys, proud to consider you friends. Congratulations on a well deserved win!!!!! I know how hard you work and also how well you drive. GREAT JOB.
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    Well I guess it depends on if you've got the money or not. The disc brake setup change is not the only reason my post came off the way it did. Don't mean to sound so against change but seriously what will it be next? I know drums are hard to find, same boat as everyone there. These "little"...
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    Then I guess we'd double that price ($400-$800) for spares. With disks being allowed on rear, probably wont be long before someone suggests them up front also. $$$$$$$$ Chuck in some power steering and you almost have yourself a 16 car. For the record, I voted no.
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    Ring & Pinions

    Oops whittle. Dang.
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    Ring & Pinions

    Ffrank , things kinda got off topic huh? Anyway I make mine out of pine. I wittle them. Na Rancho Performance Transaxle.
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    Class 900 #'s

    The 923 racer will be back soon! 2 blown motors in a row set me on my head. Clawing our way along here. Ridgecrest in sights.
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    MOTION TIRE Ridgecrest Race

    Honored that my name is even mentioned in this mix. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!!!! Ready to rock for some June action, Night race, I believe. See ya there. Dont forget to stop by Astro Burger on the way up, good stuff huh Harley?
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    9 Car Number?

    Brian Caudill 923. S.N.O.R.E/M.O.R.E.
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    Tt31 no races for 2013 "that sucks"

    "Exploring any opportunities that come my way" -- Car 923 is looking for a driver!!! Cant blame a guy for trying . Ha!!
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    Very grateful, Long overdue!

    Thank you Matt. You and your crew are pretty damn tough yourselves. Best of luck to you and yours man! Let me know if I can help you guys out in any way, I know u are itching to be out here shaking it up again soon .