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  • Thanks for the answer. I go back and forth with me and my son trying to decide which is harder on our new turbo 1000. Is there actual written documentation from Polaris saying that it is less destructive overall keeping my RZR in 4 wheel drive, or did you just get this info verbally?
    I think I saw a post where you said you had used a Trooper for a chase vehicle? If so maybe you've got some photos or video? Also, you'd be a perfect candidate to interview about your experience with the Trooper, it's durability, reliability, maybe you've got some anecdotes to share????
    Johnny- Yes, I used it to tow, chase, and prerun back in the 1990s. I think I have some pictures from prerunning as well.
    Hello, I'm interested in getting more info from you on your use of the Isuzu Trooper. I'm working with a cinematographer out of LA on a documentary film and may be interested in interviewing you. Thanks
    What information are you looking for regarding the Trooper?
    Hey Bro....Im surprised you threw my Uncle in there...Sumners....i had the best time riding shotgun for 30 STRAIGHT WINS....3 back to back to back OVERALL SCORE AND HDRA CHAMPS plus class 1600 champs.
    Races had more than 50 entries each race .........the ONLY TIME ITS EVER HAPPENED...
    I still race 1600 30 years later...
    Gill, I still have the fiberglass give me a call 951-892-5195 Steve
    Steve, don't want you to think I forgot about the glass, I lost the motor on my pick-up coming home from San Felipe and have not had anything big enough to put in in until yesterday (got a new to me truck) I will contact you when I will be making a trip down that way to pick it up.

    Thanks, '
    You asked how hit and run applies to Sloppy. It doesn't.

    I was responding to this illogical statement from Stephan:

    "And as Drake put it, because you know that this is a possibility, you value driving on the freeway more than you value life."

    If one were to value their freeway driving more than life, then that would be someone who would be liable to commit hit and run, were they to hit and kill someone.

    That would be someone with very different values than you or I.
    The county, I think, because he sometimes fights wildland fires. He's been in 29 Palms, Banning, been in RC a pretty long time, hurts, ready to retire.

    But still has a high school age son...
    Maybe this "UN Agenda 21" stuff I'm seeing referenced has some validity. It IS far easier to manage people in cities, rather than rural areas, isn't it?

    I see more and more obstacles to people building in rural areas, accessing public lands.

    I remember riding in CA in the late 60's, today isn't even a shadow... :(
    One of the crazier policies to me is not allowing motorized/mechanized fire-fighting equipment in designated "wilderness" areas, even if the fire started outside the wilderness boundary, will destroy natural habitat, and threatens firefighters' lives.

    BG, there's lots of mountain homes/land in foreclosure or up for taxes in Prescott, Williams and Flagstaff if you want to escape BB and the desert heat. You sure are welcome!

    BTW, when Mom and Dad were married in BB, he was running the since-razed Army R&R camp.
    Drake- I hear you on what to wear in the heat. As far as breaks, for some reason, when I post on one computer, it eliminates my paragraphs and just runs the piece as one giant paragraph. Other computer doesn't, and thsi also happens on another site I post on, so it must have something to do with the version of base programming I use and how it is interpretted. Anyway, I just wanted folks to see some real world truth and ideas on how to be safe without having to pony up for the latest zoot suit that really will only by them 2 more seconds for the extra 300 bucks. You have to approach this with best bang for the buck, in my opinion. Most off road racers are budegt racers, not members of the McMillions or Herbst trusts.
    I never wear anything but cotton on airplanes, and a good pair of shoes. 'Course livin' in the Sonoran, I don't own much poly - too hot!

    Hope you didn't mind my editing when I re-posted your excellent fire post. If you don't know where to put in paragraph breaks, just trow some in, its hard to read big blocks of copy.
    How much snow did you have up there Sunday morn? Was in Lucerne, saw a truck with what looked like 4-5 inches on its hood and roof. BTW, my folks got married and lived in BB in the late 40's.
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